Tuesday, August 30, 2016


I was so excited when Sarah offered to send me this adorable Nashville print for our Tri-Star guest bedroom. Not only is it adorable but it fits in with our theme for that guest bedroom SO well. 
I love everything on it, so many details! From the hockey stick, to the Ryman, to the batman building. It is all so cute and I think it shows some of Nashville's local favorites!

Not only does Sarah have tons of different city prints, but she has adorable mugs! We have some friends over in Memphis and this would be an adorable gift for them. Christmas is coming up...116 days if you're counting ;) so go on and get your orders in now. You can never be too ahead on your Christmas shopping.

You can find Sarah on Instagram, here. Facebook, here. Etsy, here. Her website, here.


  1. LOVE that print!! So adorable and it's going to look perfect in your TN room!

  2. That print is awesome! Definitely going to see what out cities she has!

  3. I love that print! so great and will be perfect in your room!


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