Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy (late) 4th of July!

The past month has been absolutely crazy for me, in most ways good.
I have accepted a new job, quit my old job, came down with the stomach virus, went on vacation, holidays, etc.

So this post is a few days overdue...sorry!

Matthew's parents had a cookout the night before July 4th so I woke up on the 3rd and raced to the store to make something festive....and this is what I came up with! I got it off of pinterest, of course but like always I added a few things to make it my way.

.It is very simple and very quick to make last minute like I did before I had to go to work.
Here is all you will need!

These aren't really the sprinkles I wanted to use but I was on a time crunch and this was all good ol wal mart it had to do.

After you mis up the cake mix like it says on the box just divide it into that you end up with three different bowls of cake mix.
Leave on plain and then take the red and blur food coloring and in the second bowl add blue or red coloring ( I didn't measure..Just go by your judgment) and in the third bowl add the last color. Make sure you mix the food coloring in very well.

RED, WHITE, & BLUE is what I had to keep telling myself so I wouldn't get the layers mixed up. Use a tablespoon to add in each layer and carefully spread it out...but not too much or it will mix together.

Next is white...then red on top.
Then just pop them in the oven for 12-14 minutes!

And this is the outcome!! I was so excited to see they turned out well.
Wait about 25-30 mins to let them cool before you put the icing on.

I cheated and used the icing out of a can...just so it would look better.
After you icing them just add sprinkles, if you want.

I had to cut one in half just so I could see it and I was SO pleased with the outcome!

So there ya have it..a few ingredients and about an hour!
They were a hit and I was pleased!

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