Tuesday, November 21, 2017


We had Christmas pictures made a couple of weeks ago by, Kate, for our Christmas cards and we LOVE them. 

We were crossing our fingers and hoping Reagan would cooperate for pictures, and she did!

 Fun fact: We get her to sit still and look at the camera by holding up a slice of American Cheese....so yes, we brought a slice of American Cheese with us to our photo shoot. Works like a charm every.single.time. ;)

Kate had the cutest set up  and it was in her parents backyard. How fun is that?!

After we got some of the three of us my sister stopped by and held on to Reagan for us so we could get some of just the two of us, and I love them!

I'll be sharing our Christmas cards next week!

Monday, November 20, 2017


Our third annual Friendsgiving was a success! We crammed 21 people in our dining room and Matthew's office and ate a ton of delicious food that everyone brought. Matthew found a hockey net and some hockey sticks a couple of weeks before Friendsgiving, so that was a pretty big hit with all the guys since they are all some pretty big hockey fans. After dinner there were football and the Pred's game to keep everyone entertained, and we ended up pulling out our big tree to setup. We had planned on decorating that night, but the games got a little crazy lol. As always this is a picture heavy post, so I'm going to get right to it.

We are so thankful for all of these friends and puppies!

I decided to go with navy gingham napkins and loved the way they looked with our gold chargers/plates. I clipped some eucalyptus to put on the plates for the final touch.

We used the same SnapChat filter as yesterday, I just changed the font to white and updated the year.

We ended up borrowing a folding table and benches from Matthew's parents, and it worked perfectly!

Hockey was fun and even some of us girls took turns "playing"...taking turns shooting.

So much food. Everyone brought multiple dishes and they were all so good!

Cousin pups at Friendsgiving!

Leftover containers for everyone. Best purchase for Friendsgiving and they came from Dollar Tree!

Getting the big tree up and all plugged in!

We love Friendsgiving and having everyone over!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Thursday night we skipped Reagan's training class and went to Matthew's alma mater for their annual steak dinner! It was a fun night with delicious food and a great speaker.

Saturday we woke up early and had a nice slow and relaxing morning. I made biscuits and gravy with eggs and we watched a few episodes of Friends. Later that day Matthew met his family for lunch while I ran to the store and grabbed some things for dinner that night, My parents came over and my dad pressure washed our driveway and helped finish the wallpaper in our bathroom. I'll share pictures soon, we are so thrilled to have it finished!!!! My dad did such a good job and we so appreciate all his hard work! We already had Christmas card pictures scheduled so Matthew, Reagan and I snuck away for a couple of hours for that. We just got them back and I am in LOVE. Here is a picture I snapped quickly before we got ready to go. Later that afternoon I made my parents dinner and surprised my dad with his favorite dessert, chocolate lasagna! 
I am obsessed with this top. It is cute and extremely comfy.

Sunday we were back in our comfy clothes after church and lunch for the afternoon, and it was so nice to relax all day. Around 9 Sunday night I got a random burst of energy and meal prepped for a couple of meals/lunches before calling it a night. It definitely made Monday morning so much easier.

Monday after work Matthew and I headed to Murfreesboro for a few hours. I had plans to meet my two best friends, Kathleen and Sarah, for dinner so Matthew decided to eat dinner with his parents. 
The girls and I decided last minute to get our cartilages pierced, so random, but so fun. We had all wanted our cartilages pierced but just never went by ourselves so when Sarah mentioned it Kat and I were on board super quick.

We all ended up getting our left ear pierced. It didn't hurt too bad, but it was pretty sore the next day, and they said it would be for awhile. Look at our red ears lol!
After that we went to dinner and then headed to get ice cream. We decided to try the new ice cream place in town, where they roll the ice cream. It was definitely interesting and fascinating watching them do it. I got strawberry with caramel and it was pretty good! It was a fun night and a great way to end a crazy Monday.

Friendsgiving is THIS weekend and we are getting excited and finishing up some last minute details.  We wait to have everyone over!

Also, who has decorated for Christmas already? We haven't yet, and I am trying to be patient since we are hosting Friendsgiving this weekend, but I am more than ready to decorate!! 

How about you? 
Do you like to decorate early or wait until after Thanksgiving?

Friday, November 3, 2017


Now that Halloween is over, my mind is definitely gearing up for Thanksgiving and Christmas. If we're being honest, I am more excited for Christmas, but I'm sure that doesn't surprise you any. ;) We are having our Christmas card pictures taken this weekend, and I am pretty excited about that!

I started looking at Christmas cards last month (can't even help it) and I am so excited about them. There are so many cute designs and I always spend at least an hour (or two) scrolling through them each year. Mpix has SO many cute ones to pick from, so I am going to share my top favorites with you today!

I love that you can add multiple pictures in this card.

This card is just beautiful. I love this one so much! The back is so cute too.

I am a big fan of Christmas plaid, so this one definitely caught my eye.

I love how simple this card is. A classic and beautiful card!

The card below is not only adorable, but it lets your do a brief, bullet point year in review on the back. I love that!

The last card below is so festive to me, again, I love the simple, but cute design.

I'm excited to narrow our search down soon and finalize our order!

Thursday, November 2, 2017


We were a little more prepared for Halloween this year than last year, thank goodness! I picked up some candy the weekend before, and Matthew had a found the cutest candy dish a few weeks before that I decorated. We found Reagan's costume weeks ago (when you don't have kids, your puppy is your child lol) and I had been looking forward to dressing her up in it. She was ADORABLE.

I wrote 'Trick or Treat' on the candy dish and added spider webs on the sides.

Matthew left for Knoxville Sunday night, but ended up finishing the job early so he headed home around lunch time on Tuesday. I was pumped because he was getting home earlier than expected and it meant he could hand out candy with me! We had our favorite crock-pot recipe going, the candy ready, our chairs set up, and since it was cold this year, Matthew plugged in our small heater! I talked my sister into coming over after she got off so to pass out candy with us, too! I found the cutest Halloween apron at Pier 1 a few weeks ago to wear while handing out candy.
 We ended up bringing blankets out because it got even colder!
We had a ton of adorable trick or treaters again this year, which always makes it so fun! My favorite this year was the little girl who was dressed up as a bumble bee. When she walked up and saw Reagan dressed up as a bumble bee she got really excited and started squealing lol it was adorable. We handed out candy for about 2 hours and then called it a night. We went inside for dessert and to watch Hocus Pocus!

Monday night I made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins for a fun treat after we finished handing out candy, and my sister brought apple cider.

It really was the best way to end a fun night!