Thursday, September 21, 2017


Happy first day of fall! 
The high for today is 88, but I'm hoping the temperatures will drop over the next couple of weeks so it can actually feel like fall.

My fall bucket list for this year looks pretty similar to last year's fall bucket list, but that's just because we didn't get to cross everything off. So here's to hoping we can cross more off this year!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


About a month ago I entered a contest to win a planner from my friend Kelsey over at Peacock Paper & Gifts and I won! I had been searching for what kind of planner I was going to use for 2018 and when Kelsey launched her new line I was immediately drawn to the Weekly Essential Planner in the blush gingham color....BLUSH GINGHAM. Can it get any cuter than that?! So when I found out that I had won the contest I entered I was pretty ecstatic!

One of the things that really caught my attention with this planner is that it comes with a couple of travel planning pages, contact pages, budgeting pages,, and it has tabs (all the praise hand emojis for tabs!!!!!). Also, a huge fan of the gold metal binding, blush and gold are literally two of my favorite colors together!

I chose the weekly one because that layout works best for me in this stage of life, and I'm really looking forward to receiving it in a couple of months, in plenty of time to start planning for 2018!

Kelsey also has a Daily Planner, which I think would work wonders for me in a different stage of life in the future, and another cover design: Navy Dot!

This post was not sponsored, I am just really proud of Kelsey and extremely excited about receiving my new planner in a couple of months!

Monday, September 18, 2017


Summer is wrapping up and I am hoping to get back into somewhat of a routine, and hopefully get back to blogging a little more. I do believe we had something to do every weekend this summer but one or two, and while it was great and a very busy summer, we are ready for some down time! So here's what we've been up to the past few weeks.

We spent Labor Day Weekend in Gatlinburg and it was such a nice getaway, and could not come at a more perfect time!

On Labor Day, I took down alllll of our summer decor and brought out the fall decor. Fall and Christmas decorations are my absolute favorite so I was not one bit sad to see all of our summer decor boxed up.

hello fall!
I am trying to hold off another week or two before I buy our mums and pumpkins, but I've been seeing them out at all the stores and it's making me so excited!

I left the following Tuesday for a work trip to Connecticut for the week. It was great meeting one of my clients face-to-face, and I got to mark another state off my bucket list! While there I got to catch a very quick glimpse of Yale University after work one day on our way to dinner. Very cool experience! I told Matthew that one fall we have to go to Connecticut for a personal trip because it was such a cute place and I'd love to see it in the fall! Being the huge Gilmore Girl fan that I am I was pretty stoked to be in Hartford and on Yale's campus. ;)

I FaceTimed Matthew one night to tell him about my day and Reagan heard my voice and kept sniffing the phone in his hand LOL.

I arrived back in Nashville Friday afternoon and Matthew picked me up at the airport, and we headed straight to dinner because we were both starving. After dinner we headed to the grocery store to pick up a last few minute items that I needed for the next day. Saturday we threw my parent's a surprise 30th anniversary party at the church they got married at! I am planning on doing a whole post on that, but for now here is a 'then and now' picture from their party! (Note: their cake topper...we found their cake topper from their wedding and used it at their party)

A couple days later was my 25th birthday and I woke up to a delicious homemade breakfast! Matthew woke up early and made me white chocolate strawberry pancakes...with a homemade strawberry syrup. Literally the best breakfast I have ever had!!!!!! So good and so many calories, but hey, calories don't count on your birthday ;) He gave me my gift at dinner and completely surprised me with tickets to Dave Barnes Christmas concert in a few months! I have talked about wanting to go to that concert for years and he remembered. So I am definitely looking forward to our fun Christmas date in the future!
We went to one of our favorite Mexican places for lunch later that day to continue to celebrations. Bummed I forgot to snap a picture of the two of us but I did snap one of my cute lunch date!

We had out first crock pot of chili this fall last week as well. It was 62 and rainy one day so chili for dinner it was! I had planned on making cornbread to go with it, but Matthew and I both ended up working so late that by time we got home we were so hungry we just ate the chili by itself lol. Sadly, the temperature has gone back up into the high 80's so I don't think we'll be having chili anytime soon, for now at least.

I snapped a picture of Reagan the other day and it reminded me of one I took a couple of days after we brought her home...I love her.
Continuing on with the #crazydogmomstatus...I have been on the search for a cute Halloween costume for our girl, and there are so many stinkin' cute ones to choose from!! We'll have to see which ones fit her though lol. 

My best friend is having a baby boy in January (!!!!!!!!) so me and my other best friend are throwing her a baby shower sometime later this fall. We have chosen the theme, "Ahoy, it's a boy", and there are SO many cute ideas on Pinterest, so we are very excited to plan it. 

I am also working on planning our third annual Friendsgiving. This is our absolute favorite dinner party to host and we have a date set, invitations designed, and now I'm searching Pinterest for cute fall tablescapes!

This past weekend I bought my bridesmaid dress for my best friend's wedding next March, and I am in LOVE with it. Absolutely beautiful...the color and the style! Also, it's super comfy!! Matthew is in the wedding party as well, so we are really looking forward to it.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


September 1st was Reagan's 1st birthday, obviously we needed to go all out and throw her an unforgettable 1st birthday pawty! We knew we were going to be in Gatlinburg with our family so we ran by Three Dogs Bakery the day before we left to get pup cakes for Reagan's cousins. We also picked up a pink party hat at the bakery to match her pink dress we found on Amazon.

She and her cousin enjoyed their pup cakes after lunch while we were at the cabin over Labor Day Weekend!


Thursday, September 7, 2017


Last Thursday morning we packed up my little ole car, buckled Reagan in her car seat (lol), grabbed a quick breakfast and hit the road. We had been planning to spend Labor Day Weekend with my husband's family for months and it was here, and it honestly could not have come at a better time! Matthew and I both needed the break away from work, and we enjoyed every minute of it. 

We stopped by our cabin to unload our stuff and change before driving another 2 hours to Johnson City to see my BIL receive his white coat. We celebrated with Mexican after and then headed back to our cabin for the holiday weekend.

Friday morning we woke up and had a delicious breakfast and then headed out to the outlet mall for some shopping. We found some really good deals and I spent way too much time walking around the Kirkland's outlet store with heart eyes for everything. My MIL made Cajun chicken pasta for dinner back at the cabin and then we all watched Slumdog Millionaire. Still not so sure how much I liked the movie, but it was different for sure lol. Friday was pretty relaxing and I was able to sneak in a couple of naps, which was definitely nice!

Outside of our room was a beautiful porch swing and we enjoyed sitting out there since the weather was so cool the whole weekend we were there!

Reagan loved her first trip to the mountains! 

Saturday we woke up and headed to Gatlinburg to walk the strip, get some fudge, and to do some of our favorites. We grabbed lunch at a small hot dog shop, wasn't our best idea, but it wasn't too terribly bad! While eating lunch outside a duck kept coming up to us and my BIL kept feeding it fries, so little buddy stuck around the whole time we ate lol. 

We found a great deal and got to play laser tag, glow in the dark golf, bumper cars, and this fun laser game. Basically stuff we haven't done in a few years, ha.'

Saturday night we went to a hypnosis show and it was hilarious! My MIL, FIL, and SIL all volunteered and went up on stage. It was a great show and definitely had us all laughing the whole time!

After the show we headed back to the cabin for dinner and cake and ice cream to celebrate my BIL a little more! Sunday before heading home from our trip we met my parents for breakfast at their cabin. They had gotten into Gatlinburg the day before to celebrate their 30th anniversary, It was good seeing them and their little cabin. They rented a small one bedroom cabin and it was adorable! I was glad we got to see them and hang out for a little bit!

We got home late Sunday afternoon and were completely exhausted so we went to bed pretty early. Monday we worked on things around the house all day, but then decided to go on a date to Olive Garden! It was a great way to end our long weekend and I'm already looking forward to the next time we get up to the mountains.