Thursday, September 15, 2016


- We can go on and mark the first one off as I decorated for fall over Labor Day weekend!

- Tech is playing against UT this November and I am so hoping we can make it. I have never been to Neyland Stadium, but I have heard so many great things about it and I would LOVE to go see Tech play with all of our best friends!

- I walked into Publix the other day and saw the prettiest pumpkin display, and it made me SO happy! I can't wait to pick out our pumpkins soon.

- There is a small place in Cookeville that sells the prettiest mums that I have ever seen. The two years that I lived there I made sure I got them as soon as they were out and loved seeing them everyday. Seriously, the prettiest! Here is a picture from my apartment that I lived in while in Cookeville. We plan on making a trip up to Cookeville soon anyways to visit friends so I am hoping to grab them then! 

- I have never been a big pumpkin flavored fan. I tried the PSL from Starbucks and threw it away after one drink and I have never liked pumkin pie. Well a couple of weeks ago a coworker brought in some pumpkin bread and I loved every bite of it! So there are a couple of recipes that I want to try this fall!

- I love a good apple pie in the fall time!

- I have never seen all the HP movies. I watched the first one when it came out and that's it. 99% of my friends have read the books and watched the movies so I thought I would give it a try. I told Matthew one day this fall/winter I want to spend the whole day watching the HP movies with the fire going and some chili in the crock pot. Matthew likes HP so he's all for it. 

- We have a date set and the FB invite sent out for Friendsgiving, and I.AM.SO.EXCITED. Last years Friendsgiving was so much fun and I know this year will be just as fun! I have already created the invitation that I am going to mail out and I have an idea of what our tablescape is going to look like. 

- I am SOOOOOO excited about being able to use our fireplace this fall/winter!!!! We moved into our home back in January and it was definitely cold for a couple of months so we got to use it some but I am ready to get it started back up! 

- This might seem crazy to you all, but I am so excited about this. Growing up we never lived in a neighborhood, we lived out in the middle of nowhere, so my parents had to take us into town to a neighborhood where our friends lived to trick or treat so I have never experienced handing out candy on Halloween. We have talked to our neighbors and they said to expect 50+ kids to come through...I'M FREAKING OUT.

- I have a Caramel Apple Spice recipe that I found years ago and loved. I try to make some each year and last year I made it for our weekend in the cozy!

What fun things do you have planned for this fall?


  1. Love all your bucket list items. Staying at home with the fire going having a movie marathon sounds amazing! Might have to steal that one off your list!

  2. It is the cutest thing that you're so excited to hand out candy and your apt decorated last year is adorable. I'm definitely going to attempt that caramel spice recipe for a fall camping trip

  3. What a fun list!!! Love your porch setup from your apartment - those mums are amazing!! Oh my goodness, it's going to be so much fun handing out candy! Last year was our first time and it was so neat! Now we have rocking chairs so we don't have to be awk in the middle of the driveway in camping chairs lol

  4. Love this list!! I totally understand your Halloween excitement. I was pumped our first Halloween and can't wait to do it again this year!! We handed out candy growing up but it's so different doing it at your own house. Pumpkin bread is my FAVE. I love it plain & with chocolate chips!

  5. How did you make this graphic? It's gorgeous!

  6. Friendsgiving sounds like a fun idea! I might have to try that this year!

  7. I often play the "Harry Potter" movies for "background noise" while doing stuff around the house. I am displeased with them after reading the books, much stuff was changed/left out (I know they can't put *everything* into a movie, but I am unhappy with the choices that were made). I don't like pumpkin-flavored stuff, either.

  8. Oh my, you just reminded me I need to make my fall bucket list! I failed miserably on mine last year because of being pregnant and moving! Can't wait to see how cute your Friendsgiving will be!!

  9. When I first read this, I thought you meant Virginia Tech, haha. We played Tennessee last week, so I was really confused.


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