Wednesday, November 4, 2015


We had the best time in Gatlinburg this past weekend, and as usual we were sad for it to end.
This was our first trip just the two of us since our honeymoon so we were really excited and had been counting down the days until we left. We stayed in a cute one bedroom cabin that we fell in love with. Our cabin was called Sugar Booger. It was even called Sugar Booger on Google Maps, how precious?! It's completely outdated with floral wallpaper everywhere and could use some new paint (we have been watching too much HGTV, hello Fixer Upper!) but that is what we loved most about it other than it's location! If you are looking for a cabin I highly recommend looking into Mountain Laurel Chalets!

We left bright and early Friday morning around six and decided to stop in Cookeville and meet our friends for breakfast at Chick-fil-A, because is there a better breakfast for a road trip? No.

We got to enjoy this beautiful sunrise on Friday morning

We can't travel without road snacks!
Not pictured: Matthew's road snack...Buncha Crunch

Our first stop once we got there, Smoky Mountain Knife Works. Matthew and my dad love this place. We took our time and browsed different knives and guns, and even picked out my dad's Christmas present! Matthew decided on a new pocket knife and then we headed to the Lodge Cast Iron store. If I could I would but every piece of cast iron in there. Especially in their scratch and dent section. A small scratch and they knock off 40%...I'll take it! Unfortunately since we have about 0% of cabinet space in our kitchen we decided to just browse the store. We still enjoyed it though!

We were almost into Pigeon Forge when we started getting hungry. Matthew saw this place called Boogaloos and decided that's where we NEEDED to eat. I was a little skeptical about this place as there were only 3 cars in the parking lot at lunch time. Matthew was feeling adventurous and talked me into trying it...without looking up any reviews...gettin' crazy y'all!

I had the caesar salad with blackened chicken and Matthew got the chicken strip basket with fries. 

It actually turned out to be REALLY good! There was no one there so we enjoyed the quiet atmosphere and the waiter was on his game since he didn't have to wait on anyone else. The waiter did say they are really busy at night, which we believe as it is a sports bar lol. They had it decorated really cute for Halloween. It was good enough that we would definitely go back...during the day! We love finding places like that.

Our next stop was The Christmas Place. Hands down this is one of my favorite parts about coming to Gatlinburg. I could stay in there and shop forever. Matthew gets his time at Smoky Mountain Knife Works and I get my time at The Christmas Place...compromise y'all compromise. ;) We picked out a few really cute pieces!

We finally made it to the cabin and unloaded the car. When checking in the guy told Matthew to watch out for the bears, they are active this year. Of course when Matthew told me that I about died from excitement, but tried not to get my hopes up because we have been told that before. 

We decided to stay in on Friday night and just relax. We ordered Pizza and went and picked up a Red Box movie. Ski Mountain Pizza was on the way up to our cabin so that's where we got our pizza from. It was okay, but not something we will get again. 

We got back to the cabin for the night and Matthew started the fire while I got the pizza and drinks out to eat. And yes, I brought our favorite candle with us. #noshame

The location of the cabin was absolutely perfect. We were about 5 minutes from downtown Gatlinburg or as we call it, the strip, but we still had beautiful views of the mountains and fall foliage.

This is the view from the living room upstairs.

The cabin was perfect for the two of us, and we plan on going back to that exact cabin if the dates are available!

The view from out bedroom on the first floor. We absolutely love the glass sliding doors on the first and second floor.

Matthew had to leave early Saturday morning to go to work and I was wide awake so I watched Christmas movies on Hallmark while waiting for the sun to come up lol. 
LOVE Snap chat filters!

The best way to enjoy my hot apple cider.

Matthew got back from work around 11 and he took a nap, then we decided to go to Ober Gatlinburg.
We rode the sky lift 3 times and played mini golf. We were going to do the alpine slide but it started sprinkling and they closed it for the day. Huge bummer! While we were riding the sky lift we looked for bears but never saw any. Someone said they saw some off in the distance but we never them. I was convinced I was never going to see a bear in the wild...LOL little did I know.

I was really afraid we had missed the leaves changing colors since they had reached their peak the weekend before (from what I read on various travel sites) but I think we went at THE best time. We couldn't stop talking about how gorgeous the colors were. I told Matthew it's something about Gatlinburg, because even the green leaves were a different green than the ones here at home. 

When we got off of the sky lift this is the beautiful views we got to see!

I'll share about our Saturday afternoon and trip home Sunday, tomorrow!

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  1. Oh my goodness what a super fun trip!! Y'all are so adorable! Love all of the changing leaves - so pretty!


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