Thursday, May 29, 2014

year four

If you missed year one, year two or year three you can go back and read them before you start year four!
We celebrated our 3rd anniversary with dinner and a movie. Also on our anniversary last year I found out I got the job in Cookeville. I found out that morning and I think we were both a little in shock all day that I would be moving sooner than we both had planned. We sucked it up and still had a great day together!! Matthew finished up his senior year and graduated with a degree in accounting, I started Tech in August. He turned 22 and I turned 21. Matthew started grad school in January and was offered a graduate assistantship.
//Year FOUR//
We went on a road trip to Chattanooga with a group of our friends and went to the aquarium
Jenny and I drove up to Short Mountain in late July to hear Matthew's devo for the youth group back home.

celebrated my 21st birthday with dinner and going to see Luke Bryan and FGL 
We went to Short Mountain in October for fall retreat with the SOC

carved pumpkins at my apartment

 Went to our first Halloween costume party as minions
had our 1st annual friendsgiving

Celebrated our fourth Thanksgiving together
Matthew's brother and roommate left his backdoor open and while we were at church a kitten ran inside and we kept him for a few weeks. We ended up giving him to a friend back home but we loved playing with him. We named him Cooper!! 

 tacky Christmas party with the SOC 
threw Matthew a graduation party with all of our friends
Matthew graduated in December

 we celebrated our 4th Christmas together
We went to a couple of hockey games in Nashville
celebrated our 4th Valentine's Day together

took another road trip to Chattanooga

went to skyhigh in Nashville a couple of times
Matthew showed up at my apartment at 2:00 in the morning, knocked on my window and took me by surprise when he asked if I wanted to go get milkshakes at Steak 'N Shake but it was a blast!

celebrated Matthew's 22nd birthday
on March 6th Matthew baptized me at our church here in Cookeville 
on spring break we went back to Short Mountain for a work retreat with the SOC
 We watched each other play intramurals this year
 spent out 4th Easter together

 played a lot of disc golf at Cane Creek
 Year four has been SO fun! We have been able to do so much more now that we are living in the same town, from SOC events to eating lunch on a week day together, it's all so fun!
So excited to see what year five will hold for us!! :) 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

year three


If you missed year one or year two you can go back and read them before you start year three!
We decided on dinner and a movie for our second year anniversary. Matthew gave me a beautiful jewelry box for our anniversary. It is one of my gifts he has ever given me. I gave him tickets to the CMA fest in Nashville. Year three also held a lot for us, there was a lot of planning and a lot of changes coming up for us. Matthew started his junior year at Tech and I started my sophomore (last year) at Motlow. He still came home every weekend and we still enjoyed getting dressed up to go on dates. Matthew turned 21 and I turned 20. He started his internship with an accounting firm in Murfreesboro and I was working at Bank of America
//Year THREE//
We went to the CMA fest and loved it!

Spent our third 4th of July together
 Went on many double dates with our best friends

Matthew bought his first car that summer 
We celebrated my 20th birthday
I went on my first SOC retreat that fall and loved it 

On fall break we went on a date to the shooting range

Tech has a concert every year and Dierks Bentley was preforming. Matthew drove home and picked me up and brought me back to Cookeville for the concert and then drove me back home after. 

Celebrated our third Thanksgiving together

 Matthew's first night home for Christmas break, we decorated the small Christmas tree in my room

We went to Opryland Hotel in Nashville to make pictures and see the lights
We went ice skating for the first time over Christmas break
 Celebrated our third Christmas together

Over Christmas break Matthew had his wisdom teeth out. He did so much better with his than I did with mine. He did the gangnam style dance most of the way home and told the nurses he loved them.
We brought in the New Year with our best friends and sparkling grape juice
We celebrated our 3rd Valentine's Day together
Celebrated Matthew and Nathan's 21st birthday with a surprise dinner party at our favorite Mexican place in Murfreesboro

On spring break we went with Matthew family to Memphis. His twin brother, Nathan, and his girlfriend toured UT Memphis for PT school. 

Spent our third Easter together
The first week after classes were finished last May we made a three hour trip to Holiday World, you can read more about that HERE
We went to a Sounds Game in Nashville and LOVED it!

For our 3 year anniversary I surprised Matthew with a drive in at my house, you can read more about that HERE
And then the very next day Matthew surprised me with buying all of my furniture I needed for my apartment and he and his family spend Memorial Day weekend painting it and hauling it up to Cookeville and setting it up in my new room! I honestly had NO idea, I remember thinking it was weird that he didn't invite me over for their Memorial Day cookout but I really didn't think about it all that much because we were cooking out with my family. You can read more about that HERE
We celebrated our third anniversary with dinner and a movie!
Like I said, our third year held A LOT for us. After three years of only seeing each other on the weekends and during breaks from school I decided to move to Cookeville and transferred to Tennessee Tech University. I moved in with two girls from the SOC here. I started working full time in Cookeville. I actually found out I got the job on our anniversary last year. I moved to Cookeville in the middle of June and Matthew finished up his internship and moved back to Cookeville in August. Starting in August we were living in the same area code and we LOVE it.
You can read all about that here, here and here!
Some pictures from our date nights!
I have no idea why this collage has a blue tint to it lol