Tuesday, June 25, 2013

That one time...

I moved out on a Sunday night and started work the next morning at 7:30 a.m.
oooh yeah that was last Sunday!!!!

I'm alive...sorry I have been such a bad blogger lately, like really bad but hopefully that will all change this week and from now on!!
I started my new job last Monday morning (6/17) bright and early at 7:30 a.m. with a mountain dew in hand. I am working full time since I moved out. I worked full time for about a month but that's about it, I am so used to working part time that I am completely exhausted...guess I won't be making fun of my parents for going to bed early anymore, ha!
So 1 week of training down....and 7 more to go BUT I can and will do this! I have only heard great things from this company and I am excited to work for them.

The moving out part....
It's not as bad as I thought it was going to be, I was really nervous for some reason. The only thing I am struggling with is not having random things around...for example the other night I needed a toothpick, if I was at home I would have just walked into the kitchen and grabbed a toothpick, no big deal. Well as silly as it sounds I didn't thing to put toothpicks on my grocery list...so I didn't have a toothpick the other night. Oh well it could be worse, like running out of toilet paper...oh wait
Yeah that happened the other night too.
But we won't go there. It's okay I know you are laughing...I did too.
So I have made four a few stops at the grocery store last week picking up things that I wouldn't usually pick up every week. I keep telling myself I will get the hang of this whole living on my own thing...someone tell me I am right??
Okay, that sounds dramatic it's not that bad. I really am enjoy it and I am having fun!! I have made a few new friends at work already and they are pretty great. I am excited to get to know them better!

If you are following me on Instagram then you saw that on Monday after my first day of work Matthew drove over an hour to see me, took me to El Tap and got me a dozen red roses...
Y'all I just love him. 
I am just so thankful for his love.
Lucky really doesn't even begin to describe it.
How have YOU been? I feel like I have spent the past hour or so just playing catch up and reading all y'all's recent posts...missed them all!

One last thing!
This is one of my absolute FAVORITES to sing at church and we sang it this past Sunday night and I have been singing it in my head on repeat so I thought I would share it with you!
It was actually recorded at CYC. I love love love CYC and I am hoping to go this year as a chaperone
Have you heard it before? Don't you just LOVE it?!!

Oh one more thing...promise it's the last
I held a snake this weekend..what what!!
I held it behind the jaw so it couldn't bite me, ha!

Make it a good day!


  1. Busy, busy girl!! Beautiful roses!! Congratulations :) Can't believe you held that snake while it was ALIVE! ha

  2. You will totally get the hang of living on your own! When I first moved out, I couldn't believe how many little things I forgot to buy when I first moved out. After a while, it'll all become second nature though. :)

    Matthew really is the sweetest!!

  3. COngratulations! Living on your own is actually pretty exciting though! The snake picture is terrifying though. xx

  4. Just found your blog!
    Now following!
    Looking forward to keeping up and getting to know you.

    I also have a blog design site, if you ever need a blog makeover check it out :)


  5. Congrats! Starting a new job can be both exciting and exhausting.

    And how sweet of your boyfriend to surprise you with a visit and roses!

  6. Hey there! Here from the Facebook Blog Hop and just wanted to let you know I liked your Facebook page! I hope you'll get a chance to check me out also! You can find me here:



    Have a great night :o)

    - croppedstories@gmail.com

  7. I love your writing style so much! Everything flows perfectly and there's no awkward parts plus it makes me smile. Haha, I would of never thought to add tooth picks to a shopping list either :)

    I found out about your blog from the Blog Hop and I'm now following you. :) Can't wait to read more post in the future!
    xoxo -B ♡

  8. Working full time definitely takes some getting used too...and 3 years later, it sometimes still kicks my butt! I'm glad you are enjoying your new job!!!


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