Friday, February 21, 2014

5 on Friday

I still haven't posted about Valentine's day or our trip to Chattanooga last be looking for that next week!!
I told Matthew not to get me flowers for Valentine's Day because I know they shoot the prices up to an unreasonable amount and I'm not the type that NEEDS flowers on Valentine's Day. Don't get me wrong I love receiving flowers but not when they cost that much. As usual that boy didn't listen and showed up at my front door and said  "every pretty girl deserves flowers on Valentine's Day"
You are probably wondering why they are in a tumblar...well when you are living an hour away from your parents and you don't personally own a vase of your own you grab the next best thing that will hold them and water.
On Wednesday I got ready to go to lunch and realized I didn't have my wallet, I freaked out and realized I left it in another purse the night before. So I called Matthew and asked if he could meet me somewhere for lunch since I didn't have time to get to my apartment and back in my 30 minute lunch break (HATE only having 30 minutes for lunch). So he met me at Dairy Queen since it was close to my work and we were able to eat outside since it the weather was SO nice!! Isn't he just THE sweetest?
I took this little quiz last night and laughed at my results because it is SO true.
I am always telling Matthew I was born in the wrong decade. June Cleaver anyone? ;)
This past week we had an unusual warm front move through and it was either in the high 60's or low 70's and I was loving it! I didn't have to start my car 5-8 mins before I left to melt the ice off my windshield and a couple of days I didn't have to wear a jacket because it was so warm. So I painted my nails a cute spring color of course! {Essie: play date}
Tomorrow night I am going with one of my best friends to see Brad Paisley, Chris Young and Danielle Bradbery in Nashville! I have never seen any of them in concert so I am pretty excited!
I do have a confession to make..
I used to be obsessed with Chris Young...he won Nashville Star back in 2006.
Long story short, we went to the same elementary and high school. Obviously not at the same time because he is 9 years older than me but still when he was on the show we used to watch clips of the show during class and cheered him on. When I was in the 8th grade I had his English book and about died. So I guess you could say I am a little excited ;)
Happy Friday blogettes!
Hope your weekend is sunny and warm!!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

I'm the kinda girl

I'm the kinda girl who...
// hates when I have a random piece of hair sticking out of my "messy" bun
// Hates putting up clothes but loves folding them when they come out of the dryer because they are nice and warm
// Could eat Taco Bell for every meal and not get tired of it
// loves loves loves singing nights a church or devotionals
// Thinks that loud sound in the middle of the night is a tall scary guy with a gun coming to kill me and steal my cheetah flats and lap top
// Will give you a hug when I first meet you instead of shaking your hand
// can't sleep with socks on but will wake up freezing
// doesn't miss a meal and if I do I think I'm about to die from starvation
// LOVES elderly couples and will make pictures of them walking down the street together
// isn't camera shy
// heads straight for the clearance rack first
// loves the old shows. Golden Girls and I Love Lucy will always be my favorites
// loves getting lost in a good book
// paints her nails about 2-3 times a week, seriously it's a problem.
// makes about 10 lists a day on little sticky notes and stick them all over my desk so I can remember them throughout the day.
// loves road trips!! Nothing better than exploring new places.
// loves planning things out
// loves Mountain Dew a little too much
// hates sleeping past 8:00 in the mornings...headache will happen if I do
// loves her Bible
// has a hard time of getting rid of something but will get in a cleaning mood and throw it all out a couple of weeks later
// believes days off are Heaven sent
// calls her boyfriend every time she gets in the car
// searches for coupons before buying things at full price (Retailmenot is a money saver y'all)
// can't stand rude people and usually let's them know, in a nice way of course
// has never tasted alcohol, just not my thing 
// straight up freaked out when she heard the government was shutting down and text her dad to see what in the world that meant.
// loves any type of project that involves a before and after picture when finished
// gets all giddy inside when her boyfriend shows up at her door with flowers even after she told him she didn't need them.
// loves her yoga pants more then words could express
// loves decorating and planning events
// thinks you should always, always celebrate the small things. When you stop celebrating you stop living.
// would love to live in a small town within 30 minutes of a beach or on the beach, I wouldn't hate it
// about flat out died when I found out they were making the series Girl Meets World
// wants to redecorate my apartment all the time
// who really wants to start running but the idea of running already makes me tired
// got way to excited to write this post
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Tuesday, February 18, 2014


We would do well to slow down a little,
 focus on the significant and truly see the things that matter most
That is what I read when I opened my Simplified Planner this morning. I don't think there is a better way to start a Tuesday than reading that and because I make about 10 lists a day...
Today I am thankful for...
.The SOC
.My electric blanket on my big comfy bed
.$3 Tuesday at the SOC
.The precious ladies who cook us lunch every Tuesday.
.Matthew walking me to my car after lunch today.
.Being in Cookeville
.THIS WEATHER. Sunny and 65? I'll take it!!
.The repair men who fixed the shades in our office so all that great sunshine can come in now.
.My Simplified Planner.
.There only being 30 minutes until I get off. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Why We Work

We are both awesome.
Just kidding. Here is just a small bit about why I believe "we work"
We fight fair
Yes we argue. Yes we disagree. Yes we get frustrated and yes we are sometimes disappointed.
No we aren't any different then you and your significant other. No we don't break up every other day and no we don't hate each other.
When we first started dating I thought there was NOTHING we would ever argue about, NOTHING we could fight about and NOTHING could make me mad at him.
We were still in THAT stage of our relationship.
I was in for a rude awakening y'all.
After about 6 months of dating or so we had our first big fight. We were on the phone into the wee hours of the morning arguing back and forth, neither one of us wanted to admit we were both in the wrong and there was some a lot of crying on my end..
 I immediately thought our relationship was over.
Here we are almost 4 years later, we didn't break up but we did learn A LOT from that.
Actually, we learned to fight fair.
As hard as it is for us to admit sometimes we are wrong and we make mistakes but when you can find someone who can help you realize that without holding an "I told you so" over your head you are headed in the right direction.
STILL to this day we disagree on things and Lord willing we will have arguments in the future (I wouldn't want to have arguments with any other guy but him) but we have both learned not only from our own but from each others mistakes.
Some ways we have learned to fight fair are
We talk about it right then.
If it is possible we try to solve it right then and there because if we stay mad at each other it only gets worse. 
You know that saying "never go to bed mad at each other"? DO listen to that one or that saying "just sleep on it"? DON'T listen to that one. Why would you want to try and go to sleep mad? I don't know about you but I am not going to get a bit a sleep if I am upset or worried he is upset about something. So instead of prolonging something small or big just go on and talk about it. I would much rather spend 15-30 minutes talking something out then spend the whole night mad at each other.
Stop talking and just listen
We let each other get out what we need to say without interrupting the other one and telling them they are wrong. No one likes hearing they are wrong or being interrupted and that just creates a whole other argument. So stop talking and actually listen. Try and see where they were coming from.
If I am trying to tell Matthew he hurt my feelings or I didn't appreciate something he said or did then he tries his best to see how it could have hurt my feelings. He puts himself in my shoes in that certain situation and vice versa.
We are honest with each other
Towards the beginning of our relationship I didn't tell Matthew that certain things he did hurt my feelings or that I didn't appreciate some of the things he said. It was nothing major but I didn't want him to think I was complaining or being ridiculous but in reality I NEEDED to let him know when something bothered me as well as he NEEDED to let me know when I did something that bothered him.
Don't hold it in
Just like what I said before this is something that we both struggled with in the beginning. We would let little things grow and become big things. This is what resulted in our first fight that I mentioned up there. One small thing was said that night and it was like the flood gates were opened stuff just kept being brought up. We were both a little shocked that we had let that much stuff build up and that those small things bothered us; but we realized it, picked up from there and built a small part of our relationship on that.
I am grateful for our first fight.
 I am grateful for that long conversation. I am grateful for how far we have come when it comes to disagreeing, and I am grateful we have learned to fight fair.
Don't get me wrong, sometimes we still don't listen and just interrupt the other one when they are tying to get whatever it is off our chest and sometimes it is HARD to see where the other one is coming from. It is and will always be a work in progress and for that I am grateful too.
How do you and your significant other handle fights? Do you fight fair?  

Friday, February 14, 2014

Oakleigh Rose + giveaway

I know I am not the only one when I say I am OVER this cold weather and ready for spring weather so when Meaghan over at Oakleigh Rose sent me this adorable top you better believe I dug out some spring clothes.
I might have been the only one in our neighborhood walking around outside in white skinny jeans and open toed wedge heels but I was loving it, my toes not so much considering it was a balmy 30 degrees outside, ha!
I thought maybe if I start dressing like it's spring out then the weather would follow but sadly I was wrong. So when spring decides to finally show up I have my first outfit ready.
Not only is this shirt adorable but you can match it with pretty much anything. I chose my white skinny jeans but I also will wear it with my black leggings and a pair of flats.
Meaghan over at Oakleigh Rose is absolutely the sweetest lady to work with and she has this shipped super fast. Meaghan is helping me celebrate my 1 year blogging anniversary by giving away TWO $20 gift cards to one of you!! See told you she was sweet!!
P.S. join their email newsletter - the VIP list - and you will receive a coupon code for $15 off $30!!!!
So stop what you are doing and enter right now and then join that email newsletter so you can stock up on some of their CUTE spring pieces they just got in!! I am already drooling over
this watercolor infinity scarf or this color block maxi dress.  
You can find more deals here
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Happy LOVE day!

If you know me then you know that, of course I LOVE VALENTINE'S DAY.
I think it's fun, I love to decorate for it and I always like getting a little creative for it and making something because I am not one to drop $50+
Spending our 4th Valentine's Day actually TOGETHER in the same area code and not having to drive an hour to spend it with each other is GREAT. We are soaking up every second of it. After I get off work today we are going to dinner tonight and then going back to my apt to watch a movie and eat dessert that I am making him!
Nothing says I love you like cookie dough and brownie batter filled donuts, a glass of milk and a homemade card. Love being corny and sappy, so sue me! (even though if you knew me then you would say I am like that all the time)
Happy Valentine's Day, loves!
 Hope your day is filled with unhealthy amounts of chocolate and sour gummie worms. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Flash mob

Happy Thursday y'all!
I came back home last night after church because today I have 3 doctor appts. Nothing is wrong just checkups and I somehow managed to get all three of them scheduled for the same day, still can't believe it!!!! The other night Matthew and I had planned on going to work out but he has had a small cold and didn't feel that well so we decided on watching a movie at my apartment. After the movie went off it was still pretty early so we were flipping through the channels and found The Biggest Loser finale was on and we watched the last half of it. Y'all that show was so inspirational. Their stories were touching and Matthew and I both looked at each other and said "we need to go workout!!". I probably could have ran 2 miles right then I was so pumped (not really I don't think I'd even make it a mile but you get what I'm saying!!) Just look at their before and after pictures, I promise you will be at least a little motivated!!

So on to this little gem I came across the other day and just had to share
I have seen tons of videos of flash mobs lately, even proposals that were a flash mob but when a friend shared this one on Facebook I about died!!
When we have singing nights at church or refuel I LOVE them and always get so excited for them.
I often listen to this video while I get ready in the morning there is just something so peaceful and relaxing and I love it.
Watch this video and tell me that isn't one of the best you have ever heard. Do you see how many people are there?!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

F E B R U A R Y goals

Thank goodness January is OVER. It is my least favorite month of the year and to be honest it is just a depressing month lol. Now that it's over that means one month closer to spring & summer and you won't hear me complaining about that!!
I didn't write out January goals so I am just going to jump right into my goals for February!
1. Keep up with daily Bible reading.
Matthew and I have started a daily Bible reading and by the end of the year we will have read all of it! I want to get in a routine of reading before bed instead of laying there scrolling through my Instagram and Facebook feed. I have done pretty well the past couple of weeks but there are some nights where I have my phone in hand listening to the news.
2. Be a servant, every single day
One of my goals for 2014 is to be a servant of Christ, every day. Whether it means helping with the SOC or helping someone at work, I want to be a servant.
3. Workout more
This is still a struggle for us. After working all day I am not in any mood to go workout but we have done better since the beginning of the new year. We still don't have a routine down but we are
s-l-o-w-l-y getting there!!
4. Celebrate Valentine's day
I love Valentine's day, some don't but I won't turn down a day to celebrate! Even though we have already exchanged our Valentine's day gifts we are going to go to dinner on Valentine's when I get off (Matthew actually made the reservations a little later because he knew I would want to freshen up a little after I got off lol) at a local place we both love here. I am still trying to decide on what I want to wear that night!!
 What are your plans for Valentine's Day?
P.S. I got a new phone case & it looks just like that up there and I am OBSESSED.

Monday, February 3, 2014

1 year blogging anniversary

February 1st marked my 1 year blog anniversary or rather blogaversary!
So much has happened over the past year, from celebrating Matthew's 21st birthday to taking a road trip to Memphis last spring break, to Matthew's first guest post, to our trip to Holiday World (where I puked in front of EVERYONE), to celebrating 3 years with Matthew, to one of the biggest life changing events thus far in my 21 years, moving out, to accepting a job in Cookeville, to sharing with y'all what Matthew's BIG surprise he did for our 3 year anniversary, to sharing with y'all how I surprise Matthew for our 3 year anniversary,  to my 1st post after I moved out, to my first day of class at Tennessee Tech, to celebrating my 21st birthday, to seeing Ben Rector in Nashville with my sister, to giving our apartment bathroom a complete makeover, to telling you all about the SOC, to dressing up as minions for Halloween, to our 1st annual Friendsgiving , to Matthew graduating with his Bachelor's degree from Tennessee Tech, to sharing mine and Matthew's goals for 2014, to Matthew accepting a GA position with Tech, to my 101 in 1001 post, to my precious (early) Valentine's Day gift from Matthew.
I actually started this blog back in June of 2012 but after a couple of posts I didn't really see a point in having one. I wasn't engaged or married, I wasn't expecting nor did I have any children. I was just your normal college student still living at home. Not really interesting, but last February I realized some changes in my life were about to happen and I wanted to document it all (still no fiancĂ© or babies).  In an attempt to get myself back on track I gave myself a challenge. Blog about something once a day that I love in February, I got the idea from one of my favorite bloggers over at Fifi Cheek and thus began my blog (again)!!
I thought people just had a blog and that was pretty much it I had no idea it was way more than that.
This is a blogging community and I love it! I have "met" so many wonderful ladies and I am always encouraged by each of them.
I remember reaching different little milestones with this blog from having my first reader to my first comment  to celebrating with an ice cream date with Matthew when I reached 50 readers and when I reached 100 readers? Mind. Blown.
I don't even feel like the same person I was when I started this whole blog! I absolutely LOVE going back and looking at previous blogs posts and seeing how different things are now compared to last year. 2013 was a life changing year for me and I am so thankful I blogged about it all so I can always go back and read it.
So I just want to say thank YOU. Thank you for reading and following along, thank you for your encouraging comments and not only on here but on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest as well. Thank you for your sweet emails, I read each one and each one puts a big smile on my face.