Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Break recap

I know I know, it is a little late but I am finally going to share with you my little spring break trip!

Our road trip was to Memphis (about 4 hours away) to visit the campus of UT Memphis for Matthew's twin brother and his girlfriend. So we just went along for the fun! I was actually scheduled off for Wednesday and Thursday, which couldn't have turned out any better.

I had to close at work on Tuesday so Matthew & Murphy drove me to work that morning :)

and they picked me up from work and we headed straight for the interstate to Jackson! His parents had decided that we would just stay in Jackson since it was half way there. 
We didn't get to Jackson until about 7:30 and we dropped our stuff off at the hotel and headed to a restaurant Matthew's dad and looked up before hand. We got there at 7:50 and it closes at 8:00.
So we decided we would stop there for dinner on Wednesday night on our way back through!

We had to wake up pretty early Wednesday morning to drive the rest of the way to Memphis. Their tour started at 10:00 and they had meetings after.

It seems like we got there in no time but maybe that was because I slept the whole way, ha!
In the packet they received about the tour it said to park in the parking garage. 
They went on the tour and me and Matthew and his older brother Andrew sat in the student lounge? I'm not sure what it's called at that campus.
 It was FREEZING...

We got a little restless and decided we would just go drive around and sight see while they were still on their tour. So we walked back to the car and made out way to the exit of the parking garage and that when we realized we had to have the parking pass. Matthew's parents had the pass and they were somewhere on the campus. It was pretty clear we weren't getting out of the parking garage so Matthew started to back up the car and then all these cars start coming...I am assuming a class had just let out, ha! This is probably a 5 story parking garage and we couldn't just drive backwards up 5 stories with cars coming out way. Matthew pulled over to the side and after everyone passed us we turned around and drove the wrong way back to our parking spot.

Sooo since we obviously weren't getting anywhere we decided to eat lunch on campus and it was actually really good and they gave us a TON. I was stuffed and restless...again.
We decided to go on our own little tour hahaha

 They had some of the oldest creepiest elevators we had ever seen.

We found this room that was under construction so no one was in there but it had huge windows and we wanted to see the view

and since we were alone it's okay to be goofy, right?

After their tour and meetings we left and Matthew's dad wanted take us over the Tennessee line into Arkansas, so of course I made pictures

The view back into Memphis

We stopped back in Jackson on the way home at that restaurant that closed the night before

Such a cute little old fashioned country store. We were still just too full from lunch so we decided not to eat there but we got a little road snack :)

We stopped at Zaxby's closer to home and ended up getting back around 9 that night!
Overall it was a fun little get away for a couple of days and I can't wait to go on another one!


  1. I love the pictures! Especially the elevator ones. They're so fun! :)

  2. Sounds like you had such a great time! And your dog in the first pic is so cute hehe xo

  3. I live in Memphis. Our weather is seriously cray cray right now.

  4. Looks like so much fun!! So glad y'all had a little getaway!

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  7. I just stopped by from That Friday Blog Hop to spread some love. I'm glad I did. Following everywhere. :)

  8. Looks like you had a great time,
    Thanks for linking up at the friday chaos hop

    Have a great weekend

  9. the pictures of yall in the elevator are my favorite!


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