Monday, March 18, 2013

Saturday fun day!

This past Saturday my not so "baby" sister attended her first DBS formal. If you don't know what DBS is you can go here and read all about it. I was never a member of DBS so I am trying to keep up with all her fun activities.
Mady is going to turn 16 in a few short weeks and over the past year she has matured more than I thought she ever could. She has grown up to be a beautiful young lady and has a heart the size of Texas.
Here are some pictures from Saturday..CAUTION: I went into full picture taking mode.
Loved her hair

She went with her best guy friend, they have been very close since they were young kids.

Isn't her dress absolutely beautiful?

All of the girls looked lovely.

I have to admit this was cute just with a few extra girls added to the picture, ha!

I was lucky enough to jump in for  a quick picture while they were having pictures made and then later on that night at the actual formal.

That is all of the pictures, hope you didn't get bored with all of them. That actually isn't even half of them I think I made around 350 total.

Mady is such a kind and caring young girl. She loves to keep it classy and to do the right thing, which is what I hope she continues to do. We aren't that close in age but we still get along pretty easily and can fit in the same size clothes, so it's like we are double the clothes...I'm not complaining. 
With all this being said I feel as if I should give her advice and prepare her for what is coming up with each stage of life/high school. We have gotten a lot closer over the past few years and I am grateful for her friendship and our talks.

Mady and I were talking the other day and she and a very close of friend of hers didn't see eye to eye on something and they got into a pretty big argument. It was over something silly and something Mady had no control over. She let me read some of the messages her friend sent her and to be honest they were just rude and mean. No one should talk like that to other people and certainly not to their "friend". Mady was pretty upset over the whole situation and I was heartbroken for her because I know what it's like to have a close friend turn on you over something so silly and small. She and this friend had been very close since they were in about 4th grade or so. 

All of this made me think of this quote I found on Pinterest

How true is that? It kinda just slaps you in the face doesn't it?

This shouldn't be only for girls but for everyone. Life can be complicated enough already without anyone helping. So why add to that when we know ourselves how hard life can be? It doesn't help that all the social media is geared towards actions such as this, like Mean Girls and such.
Mady hasn't said much about the girl but I do know they aren't very close anymore and I hate that a friendship was lost over something so silly and small, but she has a big heart and an open mind so hopefully they can work though everything and come out closer than before.

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope you have a wonderful week!


  1. That's so exciting for you and your sister! My sister is going to prom next month for the first time and I'm flying back to help her get ready for it. (That's what big sisters are for right?!)

    Stopping by and following from the link up :)


  2. I had no idea that there were high school sororities! Is it more than one, or is it like a deb thing? Also the picture of your sister with her friends and the trees looks straight out of Pretty Little Liars! Beautiful!

  3. When I was in high school, I dealt with that a lot: girls basically backstabbing other girls. Now that I'm older, finished University and I work full-time, I find myself drifting from old girl friends who now make very poor life decisions. For example, this girl I've been friends with since I was 14; she constantly complains about things that there are simple solutions for. For one, she always complains that she has no money for food, but then goes out and buys a pack of cigarettes and a 6-pack of beer, and finishes it all within a couple of days (and doesn't eat). I just don't have patience for those type of people. It's sad that some really good people change in a negative way.

  4. There are high school sororities?!?! Who would have known! She looks GORGEOUS! Her hair is incredible!

  5. I can remember some of my girlfriends from other schools attending DBS balls! so fancy and fun :) Your sisters dress is stunning, makes me want to play dress up! My sister is 5 years older, we've been the best of friends since I entered middle school. It meant the world to me to have her to look up to. Love that you're caring for your lil' sis and guiding her along!

  6. cute blog, new follower!


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