Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday letters #2

Dear Friday, soooo glad you are here!! This has been the longest week.
Dear readers, THANK YOU for reading & following :)
Dear best friend, thank you for letting me borrow your cute shirt!!
Dear Matthew, after your two classes today YOU ARE GOING TO BE HOME FOR OVER A WEEK for spring break :) I can't wait to see you.
Dear work, please don't be crazy
Dear tonight, I AM SO EXCITED!!
Dear Predators, I'm coming for ya's my first hockey game so I hope y'all win just kidding but it would be a fun first game.
Any exciting plans?


  1. Hi! I'm a new follower after reading your post on Newlywed Moments. I absolutely loved your post on there, and I'm glad to have you as a sister in Christ!


  2. Hi Shelby! I also found your blog from Newlywed Moments. Your post on there was so awesome; I enjoyed reading your story! I loved your quote from Matthew and what he said about church. Quick question for you--I was wondering since you're also in college like me if you had a transition with going to church between high school and college? Did anything change?

    I'm very excited to follow your blog and see more posts!

    xo, gina

  3. Happy weekend!!! :) Enjoy time with the boy!!

  4. Cute blog! Visiting from the Newlywed Moments blog, and am a new follower! Would love for you to check out my blog! So excited to learn more about you and for your next post!


  5. So happy to find your blog through the blog hop! you're adorable. (: I can't wait to look around even more.

    Newest follower here!

  6. You are adorable! I'm so glad i found your blog! I love finding other Christ followers:) Following you for sure!


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