Monday, October 16, 2017


This weekend was a fun fall filled weekend and we woke up to fall like weather this morning. The high for today is supposed to be in the lower 60's and we are THRILLED.

Thursday night we took Reagan to her first training class and she rocked it!

After we got back home I worked on some stuff around the house and she was tired from her class so she made herself right at home beside me at the dining room table.

Friday night we went to my parents for dinner and ended up sitting around the fire and having s'mores.

Saturday morning we headed to Cookeville for a few hours. Our main reason for going was to pick out my favorite mums for our fall front porch setup. We decided to go to our favorite Chinese place for lunch while we were there. We haven't been able to find a Chinese place that we really like where we live now, so we were pumped for some good Chinese food.

A couple of months ago a friend on Facebook asked if anyone would be willing to do a small Karate demo at her daughter's birthday party. Since my dad is a 7th degree, I volunteered him lol. He was excited about it and I told him I would help him. It only lasted about an hour, but the kids were so impressed with my dad lol when he walked out with his uniform on they all gasped and got quite lol. It was adorable and I enjoyed spending time with my dad! He taught them a couple of things, broke some boards and then we let the kids take turns kicking and punching the pads. My dad was 100% in his element.

Saturday night our best friends came over and we went to dinner at one of our favorites, Demo's! Sunday after church I took a long nap and then put our favorite recipe together in the crock-pot for dinner after church. It was cold and a rainy night, so the perfect meal. Later some friends came over and everyone played Mexican Train. 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


It's that time of the year again, Friendsgiving is right around the corner and we are planning away. I have mentioned it before, but Friendsgiving is my favorite event to host every year. I'm still working on the tablescape for this year, but finished up this year's invitation a few weeks ago.

I have blocked out our address, for obvious reason, but here is the invitation for our third annual Friendsgiving!

The Facebook event has already been created and we are counting down the days until we can have all of our closest friends around our table enjoying a delicious meal....a month from today actually!! I'll mail these out in about a week or two, and since we always do potluck style, the food list will be going around soon.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Reagan and I picked Matthew up at the airport on Friday afternoon and we stopped and grabbed dinner on the way home for a lazy night in. It was much needed and I think we were all out by 9:30 or so. 

Saturday we did stuff around the house and started Friends on Netflix! We finished The Office a couple of weeks ago and finally decided on Friends next. The weather was nice and cool early Saturday morning so we spent a good bit in the backyard. This sweet girl loves playing outside, but always comes and sits in my lap for a little bit before going and playing some more. It's so cute!

Saturday afternoon we went to Home Goods to look around at their fall decor and I ended up finding the lamps that I have been searching forever for. Thankfully they had two so we scooped them up before they were gone again. I wanted mercury lamps for our bedroom and love the way these look!
They came with a tan lamp shade, but I swapped them out with white lamp shades we already had at home. Here's a picture I snapped on my iPhone, not the best lighting, but look at those lamps!!

I tried out a new recipe Saturday night for dinner, lasagna soup. It was a fun twist on a classic recipe and we both liked it! I'll share the recipe soon.

Sunday after church we went to our favorite Mexican place for lunch, before going home and taking a long nap. It was a rainy afternoon which made for the perfect nap!

Sunday afternoon my BIL, Nathan, called and asked if we wanted to meet them for church and dinner that night, and we quickly agreed! It was so fun getting to see everyone and going to dinner after. I'll never turn down a trip to Cookeville. ;)

Reagan's Halloween costume came in and she looks ADORABLE in it!!

Friday, October 6, 2017


It had been almost two week since I last blogged...oops. Hopping on here to share some recent happenings in our world.

- We went to a Pred's pre-season game, sadly they lost, but it was still a good game! Matthew was like a kid on Christmas Eve that whole day because hockey is back and we were going to see them play lol.

- Now that football and hockey are back we have signed up for Sling TV again. I think I mentioned it earlier this year, but we got rid of cable. We rarely watch anything on cable, other than football and hockey, so paying for a ton of channels just didn't make sense, or in my grandfather's words, "a lick of sense". With Sling TV, you don't sign any contracts, just pay month-by-month. So after the Pred's season ended back in June we didn't sign up for it again until September. We love it!

- My youngest two sisters played soccer for their middle school this year, and they made it to the championship game. They didn't win, but they still had a really good season! So we still celebrated with some Chick-fil-A after!

 - It has still been pretty warm around here, but the humidity isn't as bad, so we've been spending a good bit of time outside. Reagan loves the backyard!

- Last Saturday I took a short nap and work up to see these two napping across the living room too. How cute are they?!

- That night I went to a girls game night at a girl's house from church. It was a lot of fun. I haven't played apples to apples since we lived in Cookeville.

- We ordered Reagan a new harness and she loves it, and we do it! The one we had ordered a few months ago was too big for her and she kept slipping out of it.

- This past Sunday Matthew and I both had to leave for work trips in different places. He was headed to Chicago and I was headed to Rhode Island. Our flights left at the same time (after mine got delayed a little) so we had ourselves a little romantic date at the airport, kidding, we were hustlin through the airport to make it through security.

I had a layover in Baltimore and didn't get to eat dinner before I left, so I had my first Auntie Anne's experience. The pretzel dog...definitely worth all the calories.

- Rhode Island was very small, and I felt like we had to drive though every single neighborhood just to get anywhere, but it did have some small charming little towns. Federal Hill was definitely a favorite.

- One last thing. Recently I organized all my apps on my phone into folders, and LOVE it. Scrolling through trying to find a certain app was beginning to get on my nerves, so this is working out great. I also like being able to see more of my wallpaper.

I'll be back next week to share our 3rd annual Friendsgiving invitation!