Friday, January 20, 2017


As I mentioned on my Instagram post this morning, it has been a gloomy few days here in Nashville, and we got over an inch of rain yesterday, so I am more than happy to see the sun out today!  And it's supposed to be 67 today...YES! Even better than that, Matthew is coming home today from a  business trip all week, YAY!! Reagan and I are so excited to see him this afternoon.

We ordered this ladder shelf for our living room and it delivered this week. I am so excited to start decorating it and putting a few things on it over the weekend. Once we took our Christmas tree down the empty corner in our living room was KILLING me, so hopefully this ladder will do the trick!

There are tons of organizing challenges to participate in, but I don't want to join one and then not be able to complete it due to lack of time or not wanting to organize that particular part of our house at the scheduled time. I've read a bunch of different ones, and really like them, but I have made my own that I'm pretty excited about! I started last weekend with our kitchen pantry and this weekend I plan on tackling our master closet and possibly the linen closet, depending on time. 

I've already decorated for Valentine's Day, but I think I want to do this soon for our kitchen! We already have that white porcelain pitcher from Target, so I just need some small branches out of our backyard lol.

I have been wanting a new chalkboard for our kitchen but could not find any that didn't cost an arm and a leg. We thought about making one, but I still had hope of finding one for a decent price. When I ran into Home Goods last weekend I spotted one for half the price as another one I found at Hobby Lobby, so I scooped that bad boy up and happily checked out. I've been looking for chalk art ideas for Valentine's Day on Pinterest and found a few that like. I started it last night and I'm hoping to finish it tonight! I can't wait to change it out for the seasons and different events we host.

Happy Friday!!

Thursday, January 19, 2017


We are over half way through January...woo hoo! Although, for January it has been pretty warm this past week and it looks like it's going to continue into next week, but we do live in Tennessee so just because it's warm this week doesn't mean it couldn't snow next week and shut everything down for the day lol.

This past Saturday Reagan had her first grooming appointment. It was very much needed and we can't get over how adorable she looks with her new cut!! They even put a bow in her hair...I about melted into the floor when I saw that, and if you think I'm crazy Matthew was already a puddle of mush in the floor. I'll be honest I was not a fan of dropping our girl off at the groomers for a few hours, but they assured me she would be fine. It did end up taking them FOUR hours because they were so busy, so I will definitely try to be the first appointment the next time she goes. After I dropped her off at the groomers Saturday morning I ran a few errands, and of course, I had to get her some new toys because I felt bad for leaving her at the groomers lol. She loved her new tennis balls and took a big nap when she got home. Getting groomed can stress a girl (and her mom) out!

My birthday present from Matthew this past year was a new purse that I picked out from Target. I absolutely love's the perfect size for me, I love the colors and feel like I can use it year around. While I was browsing in Wal-Mart this past weekend I saw the same purse hanging up in the purse section and I was floored! I have been noticing that Wal-Mart was stepping up their game with their clothes and jewelry but when I saw the same purse for about 40% cheaper than the one Matthew got me I couldn't believe it. There were a few small differences (a smaller zipper on the outside and smaller compartments inside), but nothing that would not make me want it. So all of this to say if you're looking for a cute purse and you don't want to spend a lot check Wal-Mart's purse section out. Also, if you don't already, then follow this Instagram account!

My sister got a new car the this week and wanted to take me for a ride in it so we decided to make a Jeni's run for some ice cream! It was so fun and of course, delicious!!
I got a scoop of the brambleberry crisp and juniper & lemon curd...YUM!

I've been eating fruit in the afternoon as a snack and yesterday I added a small grape juice and made this my dessert after lunch...I needed something sweet but didn't want to buy any chocolate or junk food out of the vending machine so grapes and grape juice it was!

I picked these veggie burgers and these sweet potato fries up the other day at the grocery store to try and I actually really liked both of them! I was very hesitant about both because I've tried sweet potato fries before and didn't like them, but these were really good. I asked about them on Snapchat and had a few people respond that they really liked them, and Ashley told me that there are spicy sweet potato fries, so I'll have to get those next time for Matthew to try! 

Reagan will let you know when she wants to play now and it's the cutest thing, ever. She jumped in my lap and stared at me with her toy in her mouth until I would play fetch with her lol. 

I stopped by Dollar Tree the other day to see what Valentine's Day goodies they have and found these heart shaped doilies and thought they would make a cute banner for our mantel. Target's dollar section had a few options for a Valentine's Day banner, but I just didn't love any of them so when these doilies caught my eye I scooped them up. So many come in a pack that I had some left over, so I decided to do a simple Valentine's Day tablescape with them as well. Using what I had already and then adding these. I liked how it turned out and will share soon!

And one last picture of our girl because she is just the sweetest puppy!

Happy Friday Eve!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


I love planners, I love shopping for them, doing research on them, and finally deciding on which one I want for the upcoming year. For about 3 years I used Emily Ley's Simplified planner and LOVED it. It was so perfect for me during those three years, but now it just doesn't really fit my needs. My job doesn't have the same schedule every day, actually every day is something completely different so the hour-by-hour page just really wasn't working for me anymore. My company actually provides us all with planners, so I have a planner just for work. So back in September when I saw where Blair designed and printed her own planner I got motivated to design and create my own planner as well. I pretty much just took Blair's design (because, hello, it's cute!) and then edited a few things to fit my life and personal wants.

I used Canva to create my planner, I mentioned a few months ago how much I was loving Canva and even had a few of you comment on how much you loved it as well. So if you haven't check it out yet, do it asap. There are so many neat things to do on there!

 I wanted a page dedicated to my blog and our meal plans for the week, and I loved how Blair included a section for a daily cleaning routine via Clean Mama. I also wanted a monthly layout as well as a weekly layout, so I kept playing around until I found the layout that I desired.

For each week of the month there is weekly view like this on the left side...

and on the right side is my cleaning, blog, and meal planner

I had my planner printed through Office Depot. Like Blair, I selected the spiral bound notebook, printed on 65lb cardstock, and I added a clear front cover with cream linen back cover. I love the way it looks and use it daily. Creating my own planner was actually really fun and I enjoyed it a lot.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


This past Saturday I spent a few hours cleaning out our kitchen pantry and the cabinet above our stove, that also holds pantry items.

I had the house to myself and no plans so I took my time, listened to a few podcast episodes, sanitized everything, threw a lot of stuff away, and organized everything. IT FELT GREAT.

Since we didn't have any plans I was able to take my time, even leaving to run to the store to pick up a few baskets, and organize everything to work just for us. Now if I didn't have enough time I probably wouldn't have even started that project, because I hate being rushed when cleaning/organizing. If I'm rushed when it comes to organizing then it's just not going to get done the way I want it to be and will quickly turn into a mess again very soon after I finish, but with having time to take everything out, look at what works for us and what didn't (hello crazy big mess) I am able to change things up a bit. Below I'll share the steps to organizing a big mess using our pantry as an example since that's the big mess I tackled this past weekend.

Since I love seeing before and after pictures let's start with that
If you look at the 'before' picture then you will see a hot mess. Cans literally about to fall off the shelf, the shelves on the door are overflowing, things are everywhere and have no order whatsoever. If you look at the 'after' picture then you will see an organized pantry! Things are in their place, there are TWO empty shelves on the door, and I don't have to worry about anything falling out when I open the door. 

Step ONE |
The first thing I did was find a podcast I wanted to listen to and then I began pulling everything out of our pantry. I laid everything out on our counters so that once I was finished I could go through and decide on what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to dispose of. 

Step TWO |
We have a few of the 3-tier cabinet organizers and this 2- tier cabinet lazy susan in our pantry and they are a life saver for us!! I love them and use them all the time. After I emptied the pantry I took all of the organizers that I have and let them soak in hot soapy water while I went through everything else, and then washed them really well before putting them back in the pantry.
I also wiped down all the shelves in the pantry and then vacuumed the pantry floor.

Step THREE |
After that was done I went through everything on the counters. Some stuff was outdated, some stuff we didn't need anymore, some boxes had one thing left in it, and some things I have no idea how it ended up in our pantry.

Step FOUR |
Once that part was finished, I started putting things back in the pantry, but this time everything had a certain spot. I put the things we use daily at eye level an the things we don't use often on the very top shelf. This also helps when it comes tome to make my grocery list. If I can't see something in our pantry when I open the door then I sometimes assume we are out of it and will order more of it. Which in the long run wastes money and causes clutter in our pantry. 
 Two EMPTY shelves after I was finished...woo hoo! I plan on finding a small container to put on one of those shelves that will hold snacks, that we can just easily grab out of there on our way out the door.

The fourth shelf houses all of our pasta/rice items and chicken/beef broth (I buy it in bulk when it goes on sale!) I need a basket for my lemons!
 On the bottom shelf I used containers similar to these (I found them at Home Goods for around $5 a piece) and placed certain items in them. Most of the bottom shelf/containers hold all of our baking items. I love those clear containers, they are the perfect size and since they are clear I can see everything in them.

The third shelf houses all of our canned goods. I have two of the 3-tier organizers on this shelf. I can see at all times what canned goods we have, makes it SO much easier when making out my grocery list!

On the second shelf is our bread/tortillas and our pantry lazy susan. Again, this thing is a life saver and I use it whenever I cook. I love being able to see every spice/seasoning mix that I have by just turning this thing. Behind it is our extra flour and sugar. I like to keep those things in a clear container above the stove, so I store the extra behind the pantry lazy susan since I don't use them daily.

Step FIVE |
After everything is back in the pantry and organized you'll probably need to wipe down your counters and vacuum your kitchen. I didn't realize stuff dropped out of certain boxes when moving everything back and forth and had sugar, flour, etc. on the counters and floor. Also, you'll probably need to empty your trash after! We had a ton of boxes and out dated items in ours.


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