Friday, February 24, 2017


I literally lol'd at this when I saw it on my Facebook news feed the other day, so I felt the need to share with you all today!

Can y'all believe it's the last Friday in February? January always drags by so s-l-o-w and then February zips by so quickly every year, but I'm not complaining! Another month closer to SUMMER! I am so ready for some summer nights out on our back patio, and I am hoping to hang out bistro lights up out there somehow this year. Bistro lights are my absolute favorite.
Here is a picture of them on our apartment deck.

I think everyone (especially me lol) has talked about it this past week, but THE.WEATHER. 
It is supposed to be 80 today...and I could not be happier about that! Sadly, it's going to storm tonight and a cool front is moving in, so I am soaking up every second of this warmer weather today! The trees at work started blooming this week and there are buttercups popping up everywhere. 

Reagan is so excited for warmer weather and our nightly walks! She made sure to say hi to every neighbor out walking last night lol. 

Since it is going to be cooler this weekend I am making a big crock pot of chili Saturday night and we are hoping to have a lazy night in, probably with the fire going since it will be in the 20's tomorrow night (are you tired of me complaining about the cooler weather coming this weekend yet?? ;))

Happy Friday, friends!

Thursday, February 23, 2017


I have been a big fan of Emily Ley for a long time. I remember my freshmen year of college finding her blog. I read and read and read tons of her posts. I became obsessed with her products and even woke up super early the day her Simplified Planner was released to purchase one before they sold out! I loved seeing her posts on social media and remember following along through her infertility struggles, and then pregnancy with her twins. So when my sister and I found out that Emily Ley was coming to Nashville for a book signing for her new book, Grace, Not Perfectionwe could not sign up to go quick enough!

The book signing was at Parnassus Books here in Nashville and they had it set up very nicely for the event. Before the actual book signing began Emily did a Q&A session and we got to catch the tail end of that. It was nice to hear her perspective on some things and she was really encouraging to everyone that asked questions. When it was our turn to have our books signed she told my sister, Mady, that she almost named her daughter Madison and she complimented me on my vest which lead to talk of our love for vests lol. 

I'm not sure why, but when we arrived at the bookstore I immediately got nervous, which is really weird, I know lol but I was. Turns out I had nothing to be nervous about, Emily Ley was incredibly nice, down to earth, and very friendly! If she ever does a book signing in your area I highly recommend going if you can. It was a fun night and I'm so glad we got to go and listen to her and meet her.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


ONE | What We're eating this week...
Funny, I posted that on Monday! You can see what we have meal planned for this week, here!

TWO | What I'm reminiscing about...
Our honeymoon and has been warmer the past couple of days here and it's making me excited for summer coming up and some trips we are wanting to take this year! Literally wanting to use my packing list that I made ASAP...I do believe I have the travel bug!

THREE | What I'm loving...
THIS diffuser. I love it so much I have one for at home and one for my desk at work, ha! 
It's the perfect size and I'm obsessed. 

FOUR | What we've been up to...
I went to Murfreesboro this past weekend and watched my sister's last basketball game and then had lunch with my mom and sisters, my dad was at work. Sunday we had lunch with my in-laws, and this week we have been working and going to bed somewhat early...woo hoo for early bed times!

FIVE | What I'm dreading...

SIX | What I'm working on...
Organizing our house...little by little, it is getting done and it feels great! I'm not following a specific schedule, just doing what I feel like, when I have the time.

SEVEN | What I'm excited about...
Matthew's birthday is next month and I have just about nailed down his birthday plans! I love celebrating him. And my new car! My dad works at Nissan so I am able to participate in the employee discount lease (which I am extremely grateful for!!) and my new car should be ready any week now. I am getting a Juke this time and I am so excited! Anyone drive a Juke? They are just the cutest!!

EIGHT | Watching I'm watching/reading...
We are almost finished with Gilmore Girls, which I'm really bummed about lol and I am almost finished with Emily Ley's book!

NINE | What I'm listening to...
Don't laugh...I'm still listening to The Sound of Music soundtrack...#noshame

TEN | What I'm wearing...
I have been able to wear a couple of short sleeved shirts this week (with a light jacket/rain jacket) because it has been so warm!

ELEVEN | What I'm doing this weekend...
Reagan is getting groomed bright and early Saturday morning- girl needs it bad! I am hoping to get on a 6 week schedule with her groomers! 

TWELVE | What I'm looking forward to next month...
Like I mentioned up there...Matthew's birthday, another month closer to summer (hello warm weather and pool time!), maybe a couple of new house projects??  And being another month closer to the end of Matthew's busy season! #Imarriedanaccountant #averyhandsomeaccountant 

THIRTEEN | What else is new...
We hung up some curtains in our dining room that I am in love with. I'll share them later this week or early next week, but all I have to say is...buffalo check is my new favorite. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


I love traveling, and oddly enough, I love packing. Matthew loves that I love packing (lol) and usually leaves the packing up to me. I'll ask him what outfits he wants me to pack and then add that to my packing list on my phone. Whether it be a weekend trip or week long trip, I always try to make a packing list to help keep me organized and so I don't forget anything. Usually that list is on my phone and while it's handy to have on my phone I really like being able to write things out and physically cross them off. Same way with my daily lists that I make (#OCDforever). So I created this packing list for when we go on trips and wanted to share with you all! It's for a 7 day trip, but if our trip is shorter (which it usually is) then I just use the amount of days that is needed for that trip. Once I have our bags packed then I lay this on top of our clothes, for reference when we get to our destination, and zip everything up and we're ready to go!

Special note: This is for one person. I use one of these for me and one of these for Matthew. Also, now that we have a sweet puppy I have a packing list for her as well that I'll be sharing soon. There is nothing worse than getting somewhere and realizing you forgot your dog's favorite treats. ;)

I also recently bought these travel bottles that I am pretty excited about using on our next trip. 
They may or may not already be labeled...

Do you create a packing list when you go on trips?


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