Monday, September 26, 2016


We are so excited, because we have adopted a sweet puppy!!!!
I still can't believe we did it and we can't wait to bring our pup home in LESS that a month...yay!

A little back story on how we decided to adopt our pup....last year in November Matthew started looking at puppies. His puppy fever was sparked when we stopped at Puppy Zone and played with puppies on our way home from our weekend in the mountains together. Matthew had an instant connection with an ADORABLE shih poo, but the price tag on that adorable shih poo was not acceptable. So he looked up breeders in and around Nashville and found one that had great reviews, and for weeks he tried to talk me into getting one...he even sent me the funniest texts trying to talk me into it. At the time we were on the third floor of our apartment complex and I knew that we would have a time going up and down three flights of stairs while potty training AND there would be a pet fee for our apartment, so while it was pretty hard, I didn't give in to these kinds of texts from my hilarious husband...
I somehow convinced him to wait until we bought a house. Well after we bought our house and got somewhat settled the puppy fever hit me...and at this point Matthew wanted to get settled fully in our home and do some house projects before we adopted a pup. So then I started looking at breeders and sending him adorable puppy texts lol. We finally talked about it and then both decided to wait until May of 2017. May is right after busy season ends for Matthew and it would be starting to warm up outside...seemed like perfect timing for us.

Then my parents got an adorable puppy and we puppy sat a couple of times. We loved it and we loved having a puppy in our home, and missed her when she went back home! Then my BIL got an adorable pup and the puppy fever was back and in full force for the the both of this time! We threw around the idea of getting a puppy, but wanted to still take our time and make sure this is what we really wanted to do at this time. We said if we came across any then we would talk about it then...well a couple of days later Matthew decided to check the breeder that he had found back in November just to see, and for the first time since last November, she had some shih poo's available..and she just posted their pictures on their website that morning!!!! Matthew called me and asked my thoughts on it and we both agreed that it was all lining up to be the right time, so he called the breeder and the rest is history!
 We got to visit her this past weekend and we FELL IN LOVE. We are so excited and can't wait to bring our sweet girl home!!!!! 
Then she got a little sleepy...
 and was OUT

We have been doing tons of research and getting puppy tips and advice from my MIL and other friends. My birthday gift from my BIL and his girlfriend was a puppy bed filled with puppy toys, leash and collar, and puppy food! I was so excited! We also made our first of many, I'm sure, trips to PetSmart and recently purchased a puppy pin. It's so fun seeing a couple of puppy items in our home and knowing that's for OUR puppy!
While I was in Home Goods this weekend I browsed the pet aisle for the first time and found a ton of stuff I would have loved to purchase, but I refrained, and only bought a small basket to hold all of her toys.

We are excited to be fur parents!

Friday, September 23, 2016


This has been the longest week, but I am so glad it is finally Friday! We have an exciting weekend coming up and I can't wait to share everything with you all on Monday.

We are so thankful that Matthew has been feeling so much better this past week, The Lord is so good and we are so blessed. He's been feeling so good that he did a lot of yard work this week and then took down the trampoline in our backyard! can't keep them down for long ;) I am very thankful for him though!!

One of my favorite bloggers/blog friend, Ashley announced this morning that she is opening an embroidery business!! You can read all about it here and follow her new Instagram account here! So exciting and I can't wait to get some things monogrammed!!!! 
Has anyone ever used Canva? I just discovered it the other day and I'm doing the 30 day free trial, but I am LOVING it so far. I am still trying to learn all about it and navigate my way around the website. Any tips or tutorials that y'all know of, send them my way!
Even though yesterday was the first day of fall it has been in the 90's and looks like it's not getting cooler anytime sad. I know the cooler weather is coming soon enough though, and before I know it I will be wishing it was summer again ;)

Another one of my favorite bloggers/blog friend, Kelsey posted the cutest tutorial vlog on how to make a fall centerpiece this week! I have the same pitcher and I am really wanting to switch up my fall centerpiece now! Go watch it and her other vlogs!!

See snaps of our weekend by following me on Snapchat!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

1ST DAY OF FALL | 2016

Woo hoo! It's the first day of fall and I am so excited for all things fall. Fall is here regardless of what the weather is like outside. ;) We've been enjoying our fall decor around our home since Labor Day Weekend, and I am snuggled up under a cozy blanket with our favorite fall candle burning away...with the AC still on full blast lol we are in Tennessee after all! 

Here are some fall pins that I have been loving can find all of them on my Fall Board!

I have been obsessed with these adorable cotton wreaths...I mean how cute and fallish

I am hoping to share our fall decor next week with you all!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Tomorrow is the first day of fall, so I thought it would be fun to recap our summer! We had a great summer, of course there were some ups and downs but we made the most of every situation. Now that we aren't in school, and we don't have any kids in school- summer started for us when May rolled around. The warmer temperatures and the pool in our neighborhood opening confirmed that very quickly!

We started May off with a Cinco de Mayo dinner at our house. Delicious food and hockey kept us  busy all night!

I shared our summer bucket list. Sadly we didn't get to cross everything off, but we still did a lot this summer!

We made a trip to Johnson City over Memorial Day Weekend and got to see my BIL & SIL! We also did our first Escape game while we were there!

We bought some new furniture, that we absolutely LOVE.

We hosted our first annual Summer Soiree, to officially kick off summer, and we had a blast with everyone! Hot dog bar and cornhole...can't get more "summerish" than that!

My parents adopted a new puppy, Ellie! We puppy sat for them a couple of times this fun and spiked our puppy fever!

We went night swimming a lot with our best friends, Ethan and Rachel!

I went on a girls trip with my best friends to Hilton Head and had the best time soaking up all that vitamin D and exploring new places! I also just realized I only recapped the first 2 days of our trip..oops!

We celebrated 4th of July in Murfreesboro with our families! 

My in-laws hosted a murder mystery dinner party that was absolutely incredible!

We hosted our Red, White, & Blue BBQ.

Celebrated the sweetest year of marriage in Cookeville, and recapped our 1st year of marriage!

We worked on our home projects, a lot! Painting, pulling out bushes, planting flowers, added some cuteness to our mailbox

Had my sisters over for the weekend a couple of times. Swimming and pizza making happened!

Sold our first table and chairs that we ever had. I will admit, it was a little more emotional than I thought lol. We spent our first dinners at home as husband and wife around that table and then spent a whole weekend giving it a makeover. I was a little sad to see it go!

We had my BIL and his girlfriend over for the weekend to help us do some house projects. We watched the Olympics and painted the weekend away! I shared the before and after of our dining room!

Had our 1 year anniversary pictures made!

Over Labor Day Weekend we painted our front door and love it, my sisters also spent the long weekend with us and we had a lot of fun!

And to end the summer, Matthew had sinus surgery! Recovery was rough, but I think we are starting to see the light! And we celebrated his grandmother's 90th birthday, my dad's 52nd birthday and my 24th birthday!

Our summer was full of fun summer activities, cookouts, spending time with family and friends, summer date nights, working on home projects, and much more. Now we are ready for fall and definitely some cooler weather. I shared our Fall bucket List here, and I am excited to start crossing things off with my man!


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