Friday, August 30, 2013

let's talk about feelings...

The past few weeks there have been negative comments made about my front of me.
Not only do I find this incredibly rude but these comments have really hurt my feelings.
I tried to play it off like it didn't bother me but they really did.
When I try to talk to others about the blog, I usually get my feelings hurt. I feel like they either think I am crazy, have no idea what I am so excited for or sometimes even think it is a huge waste of time.
I understand people that do not have a blog don't understand everything there is about blogging, because I had no idea what the blogging community was like before I started either.
Making comments about something I have posted on here in front of me and in front of a large group of people to be "funny" is not okay, neither is making smart comments about me making pictures to put on my blog.
With all this being said
Blogging is something I enjoy and something that I love doing so if you have a problem with me blogging or what I post on here or on my social media sites, please keep it to yourself.

Week of welcome activities

This past week has been week of welcome for all the incoming freshmen, we have been doing all kinds of different activities to try and get them involved with the SOC (Servants of Christ)
So I am going to share with you just a little bit of what we have been up to!
Last Thursday was great move in day at Tech. Thousands of freshmen moved into their dorms to start their college career here in good ole Cookeville.
A small group of us went around to all the dorms and handed out small postcards that had all of our week of welcome activities on it.
Thursday night we had our first refuel of the semester!
We all met on the presidents lawn and had corn hole, KanJam, ultimate Frisbee and had soft drinks and Papa Johns even stopped by and delivered free pizza!
After it got dark we had our devotional and sang. It was such a great night and we had a GREAT turnout!

Friday we had Fryday Friday
Freshmen 15 all in one night, ha! They fried everything you can think of from cheesecake bites to pickles. I have to say the fried cookie dough wasn't too bad, I only had a few because it was just so much!! We also had a pretty intense game of volleyball going on, let's just say I need some practice before intramurals start up, haha.
On Tuesday we had $3 Tuesday
Some of the sweet ladies from our church come over to the SOC house and cook a homemade meal for everyone. They are the sweetest and some of the best cooks and they don't go lightly on the food I had Matthew save me a plate and they loaded it down with food! Each Tuesday there is a different menu, this past Tuesday was breakfast foods and next week is mouth is already watering.
Wednesday night after bible class we had an ice cream social.
We had tons of different flavors and all kinds of toppings.

we had a great turnout for this as well!

and last night after refuel we had a small scavenger hunt across campus!
We split up into groups based on our birthday months

Well guess which team won?
That's right the team I was on won! HOLLA HONEY BOO BOO
We walked/ran all over campus and then ran about halfway back to the SOC house and ya girl was about to pass out (there were definitely some walking breaks in there)

After the scavenger hunt we walked over to Tech's first football game of the season!!
I was not going to miss going to the first game!

Tech won and they shot off fireworks after the game!
Such a fun night and a GREAT start to the semester!!

I don't know about y'all but I am more than ready for this three day weekend!
I plan on doing a whole bunch of nothing and catching up on my sleep, my shows I have missed and working on some crafts for my room and apartment!
I hope you all have a fun/safe weekends and that you get to spend it with the ones who mean most to you!! 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

DIY screen for backyard drive in

Remember that one time I surprised Matthew for our three year anniversary and had a drive in at my house in my own backyard?
Well I am finally getting around to showing y'all how to make the screen!
It's really simple to make actually..
All you need is:
King size sheet
Tree or pole to hang it up on
Your daddy/boyfriend/husband/some type of male figure that is strong

We were hoping we wouldn't scare our neighbors with this thing hanging up, ha!
I had my dad help because obviously I couldn't ask Matthew since it was a surprise.
So I let him put his manly mind to work to figure out how to do this and of course I watched and took pictures helped him nail the sheet into the wood.
It actually wasn't too hard hammering those little nail things in y'all!

The hard part:
Hanging it up since we both can't go up the ladder it was a little difficult to hang up so I just let him handle that part... :)
We my dad hung this up on our telephone pole out in our yard and it worked perfect!

This really is very simple and cheap!
I spent $17 (for the king size sheet. my dad already had everything else) on this screen and that definitely beats buying a screen for $300!

Here are just a few pictures from that night, seriously I had a blast planning for this and setting everything up and he was so surprised!!

With fall coming up we'll be having those cool crisp nights that would be
for this so go have a drive in at your house in your own backyard!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

almost died and lost a foot getting to my first class of the semester on time...nbd

If you have been reading along for awhile then you know that I just transferred to Tennessee Tech University. I attended a very small community college my first two years to save on money.
When I say small I am not even joking...we had two small hallways of classes.
Although I didn't even really feel like I was in college because it felt like I was in a small high school I did like not having to walk forever long in the rain/storms/snow to get to another class.
A few weeks ago I was trying to get into a class and went into the admission office and the lady told me I needed to go to another building to talk with a lady over there.
Well by time ya girl got over there I was out of breath and sweating...gross I know.
I open the door and then I had to go up two flights of stairs and on top of that I was racing the clock before they left for the weekend AND I WAS IN HEELS.
Dying y'all I was dying.
By time I got up there I went straight in because I was afraid they would leave early.
I couldn't even talk because I was trying to catch my about embarrassing,ha!
(I am definitely going to be hitting up that spin class more often to get my butt back in shape)
After the lady finally quits laughing at me she tells me there is one spot in the class open that I can go home and try to get it.
Really lady? I just ran across campus and up to flights of stairs in heels and you tell me to go home to get the class...I don't think so.
Long story short she let me grab the class there.
I was pretty excited about getting the class and when I walked out I realized the building was called Matthews Daniel so I snapped this and sent it to ole Matthew to tell him I got in the class.
Well last night was my first night of that class. It starts at 6:00 and I get off of work at 5:30.
Thank the good Lord above Cookeville is small and everything is pretty much within 10-15 mins.
Matthew, bless his heart is just the sweetest thing ever bought me Zaxby's for dinner and met me at the SOC house which is right next door to campus.
Thankfully one of my good friends, Olivia, (and dedicated reader here) is in that class with me so I asked to ride with her since I had no idea where to go. Well we left the SOC house with 4 minutes to get to class on the other side of campus.
So we ran out to her car and one of our other friends is on that class with us also...already liking this class ;)
Good ole Olivia is a little Beth Cooper when it comes to driving...especially across campus.
Let's just say I was praying for all the innocent students trying to hurry and get of the way.
Well we made it right at 6:00 (alive and all toes attached)
Remember me telling you that I went to a small community college for 2 years well my biggest class there had maybe 35 people in it.
We walked in to an auditorium
Talk about slap in the face. There are over 200 people in that class.
Welcome to a university class Shelby. Don't laugh I know this is a normal size college class.
Thankfully there were three seats in the back row because if I have to sit anywhere near the front I won't even be able to concentrate.
Overall I think this class is going to be pretty great. The professor is hilarious and seems very relaxed and I know a few people in there!
Had to get a picture before class! Thanks Olivia for taking it ;)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Student style vs Professional style

Good morning love muffins!
 Today one of my friends from high school and her older sister are going to share with you their different views on fashion as they are in different stages in life. I was so excited when I saw familiar faces in the blogging world and I am so excited for you to get to know them!

Here they are :)

Hello Stay Crafty My Friends! Liz and I are the authors to Hawthorn Place. We are new to the blogging world and were so excited when Shelby graciously invited us to guest blog. Since we are in different stages of life, we wanted to share our styles based on our roles as a student and a professional.  

I am a senior in college and love the comfy but cute student style. I chose this combination beginning with the denim top. The great thing about denim tops is that some of the best ones can be found at thrift shops! From there, I immediately paired some black leggings that can also be found real cheap, like these H&M ones above! I am a huge sweater fan, so I chose a longer bulky one for the fall. The cheetah flats are my favorite part of this combination. They are from target, which is one of the best places for cheap and cute anything! Cheetah also seems to be making a statement, especially in J. Crew’s latest catalog! The wristlet is an essential for any college student! To top this outfit off, I added the monogram necklace. I love anything and everything monogrammed! Small, but gives the outfit a pop!

I work in the corporate marketing world so part of my job is looking presentable. One thing that is important to me is that I look professional but still youthful. I love the peter pan collar on this J Crew Factory top. Pair it with some yellow heels and a burgundy purse and you will look great this fall! I like to keep jewelry simple at the office, so most of the time I just wear cute studs, a watch, and a few bangles.  Happy shopping!

Don't be a stranger y'all, go and show them some love on their blog!!
Hawthorn Place

Monday, August 26, 2013

10 years later...

H A P P Y   M O N D A Y
Today my little sister, Samantha, turns 10 years old.
I can't believe she is 10 y'all!! I remember the day she was born.
My parents let me help pick out her name and around the time she was born I had just gotten my first American Girl doll, Samantha. Do y'all remember those? I was obsessed and had every book.
I loved that name so much I mentioned it to my parents and they immediately fell in love with it too.
So that's how ole Sammy Jo got her name!
 (glasses, braces, awful hair shame)




Sammy Jo, I hope you have a great birthday!! I am so proud of the sweet young lil lady you are becoming!
Did y'all watch the VMA's last night? Well if you are following me on Twitter or Instagram sorry about that last night, ha! I guess you could say I love NSYNC a little...
I relived my childhood for about 50 seconds last night...I was pretty disappointed with them only performing for a short time but hopefully this is just a preview of what's to come for them!!
I still have their CD's, lunchbox and posters somewhere up in our attic.
& Miley Cyrus...
y'all she needs Jesus.