Thursday, August 29, 2013

DIY screen for backyard drive in

Remember that one time I surprised Matthew for our three year anniversary and had a drive in at my house in my own backyard?
Well I am finally getting around to showing y'all how to make the screen!
It's really simple to make actually..
All you need is:
King size sheet
Tree or pole to hang it up on
Your daddy/boyfriend/husband/some type of male figure that is strong

We were hoping we wouldn't scare our neighbors with this thing hanging up, ha!
I had my dad help because obviously I couldn't ask Matthew since it was a surprise.
So I let him put his manly mind to work to figure out how to do this and of course I watched and took pictures helped him nail the sheet into the wood.
It actually wasn't too hard hammering those little nail things in y'all!

The hard part:
Hanging it up since we both can't go up the ladder it was a little difficult to hang up so I just let him handle that part... :)
We my dad hung this up on our telephone pole out in our yard and it worked perfect!

This really is very simple and cheap!
I spent $17 (for the king size sheet. my dad already had everything else) on this screen and that definitely beats buying a screen for $300!

Here are just a few pictures from that night, seriously I had a blast planning for this and setting everything up and he was so surprised!!

With fall coming up we'll be having those cool crisp nights that would be
for this so go have a drive in at your house in your own backyard!!


  1. oh yay! I love it! Thanks for sharing it with us - I seriously want to do this....we live outside of town so it would work great in our own backyard :) totally FAVORITING this post.

  2. I cannot believe how cute this idea is!!! I love it! I bet he was so happy. Love your craftiness! Now following you w/ GFC. Can't wait to see what else you come up with!



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