Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bad habits- may be a tad embarassing...

I was reading a magazine the other day about peoples bad habits and it made me start thinking of mine, of course.
Y'all I have some weird habits. If you are around me I'm sure you already know some of these and these are just some of the ones I have noticed in the past few days there are probably more I am not even aware of.
Habit #1
I don't always wear mascara but when I do I pick most of it off by the end of the day...weird I know.
Habit #2
I pick my nail polish off...ALL THE TIME
I never realized I did this until a few weeks ago I was sitting in my training class at work and I stood up to leave for the day and I promise you it looked like I dumped a tray of pink and sparkle flakes on the ground.
Then my friends that were both sitting beside me both noticed...embarrassing.
Habit #3
-I buy school supplies when I don't need it. I have a ridiculous amount, but when the next semester rolls around, guess who you will see in Target on the school supplies aisle?? This girl
Habit #4
I talk loud...sometimes.
Matthew would probably say all the time haha but I really don't even realize it until he brings it to my attention. This usually only happens when we are riding in the car together and I am over dramatizing a story to him.
Habit #5
When I get something in my head that I want/need to do.  I want to do it that exact second. No one get in my way...
Habit #6
I have OCD about even numbers...hence the number of habits I have listed.
Anytime I have to pick a number you better believe I'm going to pick an even number.
If there are two chocolate cookies left, of course I can't just leave one, duhh.
Habit #7
When I get bored or nervous I play with the end of my's so weird and everyone calls me out on it. My mother hates it.
Habit #8
I over-analyze things, even the smallest of things.
If I hear a noise in the middle of the night I immediately think someone is breaking in and going to slit my throat and steal my laptop and cute necklaces.
What are your bad habits??


  1. I would argue that number 5 isn't a bad habit. You're a go-getter. :)

    I play with the ends of my hair ALL the time! Sometimes, I just like feeling how soft my hair is. Heh.

    At least you don't bite your nails! That's a huge pet-peeve of mine!


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