Monday, November 27, 2017


We are still in disbelief that Thanksgiving is already over, but we had a great long and fun weekend in Murfreesboro with our families!

Matthew and I both worked from home on Wednesday morning, and then I spent the afternoon baking/cooking for the next couple of days. I made three batches of homemade biscuits for us for the next few months and breakfast that morning, my nanny's red cinnamon apples, and a strawberry pie!

I used premade pie crust and it came with two, so I decided to play around with the second pie crust and ended up braiding it for my pie. YouTube and Pinterest definitely make it look much easier, but I just kept playing with it until it looked some what decent and didn't fall apart.

Thanksgiving and Christmas staple in our family.

Thursday morning we headed to my parents house for the day. I helped my mom with cooking, we watched the parade, let the puppies run wild and tire each other out, made a ton of pictures, ate a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, and after everyone left we all watched Christmas with the Kranks before calling it a night.

We've made this same sister picture for the past three Thanksgivings, and we love comparing them every year.

When it was time to eat and everyone was sitting down around the table Reagan jumped up in a chair and sat there very quietly lol such a ham! She and my parent's dog, Ellie, kept each other company while everyone ate.

Friday we went to my mema's for Thanksgiving with my dad's side of the family. I can't believe it, but I didn't take a single picture, so sad! We watched part of a Hallmark Christmas movie, ate a delicious dinner, and then all of the grandkids helped decorate one of her many Christmas trees. We didn't go out for any Black Friday shopping, but we did order a few gifts online when we came across some good deals!

Saturday we had Thanksgiving with Matthew's family at his parents house. We took our hockey net and sticks so all the guys could play while the girls chatted inside. We talked, watched football, ate a delicious lunch, took family pictures, and ended the night watching Girls Trip.

Sunday we went to church and lunch with Matthew's family and then all watched the Pred's game. We went back over to my parent's house for a little bit to drop off some stuff before heading home.

It was good to get home and relax after the long holiday weekend. We weren't the only ones worn out, Reagan was exhausted from playing with all her puppy cousins!

We are so thankful for a long and fun weekend being with all of our family, and we are looking forward to Christmas right around the corner!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


We had Christmas pictures made a couple of weeks ago by, Kate, for our Christmas cards and we LOVE them. 

We were crossing our fingers and hoping Reagan would cooperate for pictures, and she did!

 Fun fact: We get her to sit still and look at the camera by holding up a slice of American yes, we brought a slice of American Cheese with us to our photo shoot. Works like a charm every.single.time. ;)

Kate had the cutest set up  and it was in her parents backyard. How fun is that?!

After we got some of the three of us my sister stopped by and held on to Reagan for us so we could get some of just the two of us, and I love them!

I'll be sharing our Christmas cards next week!

Monday, November 20, 2017


Our third annual Friendsgiving was a success! We crammed 21 people in our dining room and Matthew's office and ate a ton of delicious food that everyone brought. Matthew found a hockey net and some hockey sticks a couple of weeks before Friendsgiving, so that was a pretty big hit with all the guys since they are all some pretty big hockey fans. After dinner there were football and the Pred's game to keep everyone entertained, and we ended up pulling out our big tree to setup. We had planned on decorating that night, but the games got a little crazy lol. As always this is a picture heavy post, so I'm going to get right to it.

We are so thankful for all of these friends and puppies!

I decided to go with navy gingham napkins and loved the way they looked with our gold chargers/plates. I clipped some eucalyptus to put on the plates for the final touch.

We used the same SnapChat filter as yesterday, I just changed the font to white and updated the year.

We ended up borrowing a folding table and benches from Matthew's parents, and it worked perfectly!

Hockey was fun and even some of us girls took turns "playing"...taking turns shooting.

So much food. Everyone brought multiple dishes and they were all so good!

Cousin pups at Friendsgiving!

Leftover containers for everyone. Best purchase for Friendsgiving and they came from Dollar Tree!

Getting the big tree up and all plugged in!

We love Friendsgiving and having everyone over!