Monday, December 8, 2014

Catching up // a week of lasts

I'm alive ;)
I took an unexpected week off from blogging. I still read all of yours, I just didn't blog myself.
Thanksgiving was good! I am very lucky the company that I work for is off Thursday and Friday.
As soon as 3:30 rolled around on Wednesday afternoon I was homeward bound. I packed my car that morning so I could head straight home.
Matthew's family does lunch for Thanksgiving and my family (on my moms side) does dinner so it works out perfect. My dad's side of the family does Thanksgiving on Friday afternoon. We had three Thanksgivings and it was great! My sister and I went shopping on Black Friday. We left our house around 5:00 and went straight to Old Navy. We didn't have to search for a place to park or wait in line to checkout, which was a HUGE surprise. Since stores open on Thanksgiving night now everyone had already been through. They still had plenty to look through. I ended up with a new pair of boots and a cute dress and comfy shoes!
After we eat dinner at my mema's on Friday we all load up and go shopping to see if we can find anymore deals, without the crowds. This year we went to Mt. Juliet to shop...and that's where I was introduced to Home Goods. I don't know how I have never been there before but it was wonderful.  
This week is a week of lasts. Matthew graduates THIS Saturday! He is going to be back and forth between Cookeville and home until he starts his job in early January, but everyone else will be going home for Christmas break throughout this week. When they come back in January he will be living back at home and working. Sure he'll come up on the weekends some but it won't be the same. So we are going to try and make the most of it. We usually spend every afternoon/night with everyone at the SOC house and we usually find something to do. This past year and a half up here in Cookeville with Matthew has been so much fun. I only wish I had moved up here sooner. As much as I don't want him to go, I know it's what's best and the next phase in life. It just came so soon. We had our last tacky Christmas sweater party with the SOC last Thursday. It was a lot of fun and there was good food!

Matthew got his new car! His brother works at Volkswagen so he is able to lease it through him. He put his car on Craigslist and other various websites to sell to locals and had talked with a lot of people. It blew my mind how many people tried to drop the price so in almost $1000 less than he was asking for. He finally had someone look at it the Saturday after Thanksgiving and they bought it. He called the following Monday and his car was ready. What a blessing that was! So proud of him, he deserves his new car and he looks good in it too ;)
This weekend was very calm and relaxed. Matthew had to work a little bit of the TSSAA football tournament that was held here in Cookeville, just for a little bit for his econ class. We hung out at the SOC house most of Friday night. Saturday I wanted to clean my apartment and finish any Christmas decorations. I slept in until 9:00 which is SO unusual for me and then laid around until 10:00, I don't even know who I am anymore. I got up and started cleaning finally and then I heard a knock on my door. Matthew was standing there with a pizza and my favorite drink from Starbucks. He is so thoughtful and sweet!
We ate lunch and started Prison Break...oh my goodness we are hooked. We watched 4 episodes. He left to go to the SOC house and I finished cleaning and then headed over to the SOC house.
I finally hung up the clock Matthew got me a little bit ago. We found it at Essex's for $20! I found a similar one at Hobby Lobby for $80. So we were more than happy with the $20. I also picked up some Christmas placemats!



  1. Oh Home Goods is such a fun place! I could spend hours there just looking at all the fun items and it's so much cheaper than Pier One! Glad you're enjoying the rest of your time with Matthew in the same town- hopefully your time apart will go by fast and ultimately bring you even closer together!

  2. I LOVE Home Goods, but rarely go there since there isn't one that convenient to me! Maybe only 30 minutes away or so, but I just never go that direction. I think after the first of the year I'll be visiting though because I really want to do some decorating/refreshing in our house! I love your Christmas vest and Matthew's turtleneck is just too funny!!!

  3. Super awesome about his new act!! :)

    ^^to Erin's comment...YESSS HOME GOODS!!!! :)


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