Thursday, July 30, 2015

Shelby Coats

Well, it's true. I'm a married woman! We've been HUSBAND and WIFE for 12 days and I am still on cloud 9! I truly can't even put into words how my heart has felt the past few days. I can't even describe how my heart feels when I look down at Matthew's left hand and see a ring there.

July 18th was the best day ever, and will forever hold a huge portion of my heart. Marriage is THE sweetest gift and I know we are just getting started on the wonderful adventure together. I came back to work this past Monday and have practically skipped out to my car as soon as I get off everyday, I just can't wait to get home and see Matthew! No more having to leave after visiting him for a couple of hours and go back to Cookeville or head home to Murfreesboro. It's like a sleepover every night with my best friend. THIS IS REAL LIFE Y'ALL!

Just keeping this short and sweet today! I did want to share this picture with you that my best friend snapped on her iPhone. I had no idea she was taking it. We were all in the dressing room and they had just fixed my dress so that my dad could come in and we could do our first look.  I absolutely adore this shot of my dress. 

I can't imagine marrying Matthew in anything else. Our day was absolute perfection and I loved every single second I got to wear that dress. I'm dying to share all the details about our day, but I want to wait until I have some photos to go with my recaps.  It'll be worth the wait. ;)