Monday, November 5, 2018


On Sunday, October 21st my sweet nanny passed away. On Friday, October 19th she suffered a massive stroke. She fought hard that whole weekend to stay with us, but passed peacefully in her sleep late Sunday morning. After 59 years she is finally reunited with her baby boy and after 17 years she is finally reunited with her husband.

When I think of nanny I think of trying on all her jewelry when I was a child. I think of the small butterscotch pieces of candy she would always have in her purse. I think of her giving me and my sisters a dollar each to put in the offering plate every Sunday. I think of watching ER and Golden Girl reruns, because those were her favorite. I think of seeing her in the stands at all of our softball games. I think of her dumplings and red cinnamon apples at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I think of her calling me every single year on my birthday and singing happy birthday to me. I think of how every Wednesday she would get her hair done and then come over for dinner, and every other Wednesday, she’d get her nails done. ❤️ But most of all, I think about how big of a heart she had. She was one of the most caring ladies I know, always looking out for others. She never once hesitated to tell us how proud of us she was and just how much she loved us. I found an old voicemail, from a year ago, from her on my phone the night of her funeral, and it was her calling to check on me because she heard I had a migraine. At the end of the voicemail she said something I’ve heard her say hundreds of times, “nanny loves you hon”. My heart rejoiced and broke all over again. Love you forever, nanny. I’m so thankful you were mine. ❤️

Thanksgiving last year

This picture was taken by my aunt on her phone at our wedding. We had no idea she was taking it and it is one of my favorites. I wish I could remember what we were talking about here!

I took some time off from blogging, understandably, but I couldn't just pick up where I left off without sharing a little bit about my nanny. We are heartbroken that she isn't with us anymore, but also at peace, as we know she isn't suffering anymore.