Thursday, July 11, 2013

5 moving tips that will keep you stress F-R-E-E!

If you have been reading along then you know that I recently moved into my 1st apartment.
I have lived in the same house since the day I came home from the hospital so obviously over the years I have collected junk and just put it in my room and this girl had no idea where to even start with the packing considering I have only packed long enough for a week in the past. 
So I just dived right in, well that's a lie I looked on Pinterest to find the best tips for moving and keeping things organized.
Here are some pictures of the packing and cleaning out my room process....fair warning it's a scary sight!!

A completely unorganized mess and if you know me then you know that I was about to lose my mind from all the mess.
So I am going to share some of my moving tips with you....
TIP #1 
-clean out your closet or room a couple of weeks before you have to start packing.
If you haven't worn it in the past 6 months, donate it or sell it!!!!
You are not going to want to deal with that when you are trying to pack up everything.
TIP #2 
-Label everything and I mean EVERYTHING. From your q-tips to your pj's label it.
It will help you when it comes time to unpack everything and will save a lot on time!!!!
TIP #3
-Do you have suitcases, duffle bags, carry on bags, plastic containers, or laundry bins?
Pack you clothes that can be folded in those!!!! I cannot stress that enough! Fit as much as possible, even if you have to sit on it and get someone to help you zip it (thank you sista for helpin me out!)
Why would you want to go buy boxes to move stuff when you can just pack it in you Vera Bradley bag?
I ended up packing up 2 Vera Bradley bags, 1 suitcase, 1 tote from Marshall's (that big blue one up there) full of t-shirts,shorts,yoga pants, shoes, and my unmentionables ;)
It saved on money & time of going and buying them or asking different stores if they had any extra boxes I could have.
TIP #4
-All of my shirts, dresses and dress pants that I left them hanging and just got a huge black trash bag and wrapped around them and then lifted them up off the rack and laid them flat in my back seat of my car. Sadly I didn't take a picture of that but here is the picture from Pinterest that gave me the idea
y'all this actually works and saved a lot of time from having to take the shirts off the hanger, fold them so they won't wrinkle and then pack up all the hangers....genius!

TIP  #5
If you have the chance to go ahead to your new apartment/dorm/house then go ahead and take some stuff and unload it and organize everything that you can. That way you don't have to take EVERYTHING at once and spend ALL day unpacking organizing. If you do a little bit at a time it's definitely less stressful and you aren't rushed to get everything done before it's time for you to leave that night or time to go to bed.
Do you really want to go to sleep with you room still a mess and unorganized? Didn't think so.

Some of these tips I did and some of them I wish I would have, so take it from me friends!
Hope you all are having a wonderful week so far!!!!


  1. Just last weekend I had to pack up my apartment at school! After graduation, I just packed up my clothes and left the rest for when I could come back later on in the summer. That hanging clothes and trash bag idea is genius - I wish I had thought to check pinterest for tips haha. I'll be moving again in a few months so these are good tips to know :)

  2. #4 is definitely helpful! I didn't even think of that. Thanks!

  3. You do have a lot of stuff to pack. Good idea on the six-month rule. If you haven't really worn it for the past six months, it can either mean that you don't really like it or it doesn't fit you. That tip number four is genius! It will really save time and space just leaving them on and just hanging them back up once you arrive and unpack rather than to pack the hangers and the clothes separately.

    Dave Borrell

  4. These are very nifty tips! I do agree on just packing them on your own bags. Not only can we save nature by not using too much boxes, it also helps reduce the trash that comes with moving such as spare boxes and torn cartons. The tip on labeling is perhaps the most important as it really helps you find where everything is.
    Ronnie Hogan

  5. This was a great post, Shelby! I am definitely going to be trying some of these tips when we move next month. It was chaos a few months ago moving out of my room at home into our apt. A lot of these tips would have helped then. :)

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