Monday, July 1, 2013

Sugar Love boutique + July goals

Is it already Monday? The weekends always fly by but they seem to go by faster now that I have moved out.
Buuuut this week will be a shorter week...thank the Lord!!!!
S U G A R   L O V E   B O U T I Q U E
Needing a cute new dress? Go check out Sugar Love boutique
When I saw this dress on their website I knew I had to have it!! It's so cute and definitely the perfect dress to wear on these hot summer days.
Have you seen this dress anywhere else?! I haven't either, that's because Sugar Love has all the latest and not to mention cutest dresses out!! Don't believe me go see for yourself and tell them I sent you!
Go check out their website and don't forget to follow them on Instagram & twitter!!
I didn't post my June goals because ya girl was on vaca in the mountains but I am going to post my July goals!
Here are my May goals in case you didn't see them:
-Finish up with finals and papers for my LAST semester at Motlow (can I get a HOLLA?!)
-Celebrate 3 years with Matthew
-Find furniture for my apartment
-Clean out my car and wash it
-Organize my Pinterest boards
-Blog 5 or 6 times a week (absolute fail but still trying to work on this!!)
-Land a job in good ole Cookeville
-Do at least 2 new DIY projects and blog about them 
-Take vitamins every morning
-Buy a stranger a drink behind me at Starbucks
-Clean out closet, giveaway clothes & organize the rest
-Go on a date with Matthew
-Participate in a social media free weekend
-Go biking early in the mornings at least 3 times a week
-Continue saving MULA $$$$
-Enjoy the outdoors
-Have a themed date night in with Matthew
-Have more girls nights

and now for my July goals:
-Finish decorating and organizing apartment
-Decorate the walls in my room!!!!
-Continue saving MULA $$$$
-July 4th projects
-Make my own laundry detergent
-GET A NEW CAR (what what!!)
-Drink more water
-Take yoga and a spin class at the Y in Cookeville
-Blog more!!!!
-Find a place to ride my bike in Cookeville
-Try some new recipes
-Finish cleaning out my room back home
-Go on a couple of dates with Matthew

What are your July goals? Send me your links I want to read them!
Have a great Monday!


  1. I love the idea of making my own laundry detergent. Can't wait to see how yours turns out.

  2. The dress looks so good on you!! :) I've thought about making my own detergent too but haven't!

  3. I hope you can accomplish all your goals for this month! :) One of my goals is to move out by the end of the year, and boy am I afraid! Any advice you have for someone who's moving out for the first time?

    xoxo -B ♡


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