Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Probably the latest recap...ever

But whatevs!!!!!!!
I am going to share with y'all my 4th of July fun!!
Well if you lived anywhere in Tennessee then I am almost positive that you had rain a torrential downpour too. 
We had to eat inside and all hangout out inside. 
We did sneak out on the front porch to make a few pictures though ;)
With these two being 15 months apart, they are going to be the best of friends when they get older and hit high school. Love it.
I have the same pose in every picture. lolololol.
and then that night...thank the good Lord above our town did NOT cancel the fireworks!!!! 
I look forward to going and watching them and we have gone for as long as I can remember.
Friday I had to go back to work...welcome to the big girl world, Shelbs. 
But happy Friday to me, we got off an hour early!!
Friday night we had a July 4th party at the SOC (Servants Of Christ) house with the college group from church. It was a lot of fun and we had a great turn out AND the rain stayed away...for the most part.
I made a banner and painted some mason jars that I absolutely L O V E D
Olivia, you made your big debut on my blog!! ;)

the gril.....F I N E grill master ;)
the fireworks!!

 The girls!!

Our fourth July 4th together!
Overall it was a great July 4th and 5th!


  1. You look so cute!! Love your banners & mason jars! Our fireworks were canceled because it stormed so bad, so then they rescheduled then for last Friday, which it stormed then ha! They're suppose to have them tomorrow (ha!), so we'll see!

  2. you are so so crafty I'm so jealous (guess that's why that your url ;))! Cute outfit, too!

  3. Your family is so beautiful! Glad you got fireworks, despite the rain!

  4. What a fun 4th!! I love your red pants! Your crafts turned out awesome too!!!

  5. The rainy 4th of July was so depressing. We didn't even go watch fireworks!


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