Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Apartment Inspiration: Pinterest style

I have SOOOOO many ideas and crafts I want to do for the apartment but most of them will take  a lot of time and money I just don't want to spend right now. 
So what's the next best thing to do until find the time to make them?
Look on Pinterest, duhh.
So here are some pins that I am drooling over have recently pinned!!
(These pictures are not mine, I do not own any of them)

Starting out with the kitchen:
I am loving either something like this (maybe not all of those but something similar would be cute) or

I am definitely loving the second one a little more. Probably just because of all the pretty & bright colors.
Those are can you not love that?!

Forgot what my room looks like? 
Just go HERE and you can see ALL the pictures of my new room :)

My room:
Old window, adorable pendant banner...shabby chic....L O V E.
I am wanting to hang something up behind my bed but I just can't decide on what I want to put up there. 
I have been searching for an old window like this to fix up.

 GOLD POLKA DOTS. Need I say more? 
I am on the hunt for these adorable gold wall decals. I am wanting to put them on the wall where my desk is at. I think it would be adorable!!
In our bathroom now we are using my roommates old pink and white polka dot shower curtain and we both came to the conclusion that it
So I'm thinking the new color scheme for the bathroom: Navy, pink and gold.
Small gold accents just to add that pop of color.
I was thinking a solid navy shower curtain and have pink bows on it like this picture below.

 There are no shelves in the bathroom and being a girl I am dying for some extra space for all of our stuff. Our cabinet under our sink just isn't enough room!! 
I am loving these shelves. 
We could put some cute baskets on them and store all kind of stuff.
I am determined to have this shelf above the door for our bathroom.
Think about it, that is so much wasted space that we could store extra toilet paper and our towels and rags. So we wouldn't have to keep them stored in our closet.
We measured last week and hopefully this weekend daddy and I can make one!

Desk area:

Loving all of these desk area's!! I can't decide what I want to put on my desk and up on the wall behind it!
I would love some type of calender/to-do list/organizational area.
I just want to keep a clean/fresh uncluttered desk!
There are just SO many different ideas to pick from.
Also LOVING the chevron chair above!
I got my new schedule at work today and thank the good Lord above I will be going in an hour later! That also means I'll be getting off an hour later but I can handle that, I also have an hour lunch! Having a 30 min lunch for the past few months makes you appreciate hour lunches so much more.
One more exciting thing, I talked to Matthew about what his class schedule was and he is either finished with classes for the day or has a break when my lunch is!!!!
I get to eat lunch with my boyfriend on a week day during the school year. This hasn't happened unless there was a holiday and he was home.
My heart is just so happy tonight. So many exciting things to look forward to.
Also thank y'all so much for all your positive feedback on my last post!! Y'all rock and I am definitely going to work on managing my time better!


  1. I love the idea of the shower curtain rod with bows! I also love the shelf above the bathroom door. That's genius!

    Yay for getting to eat lunch with your man during the weekday! :)

  2. I'm loving all of these photos lady! I'm in the process of trying to figure out how to organize a desk area...and find a desk I like. So many decisions!

  3. Love the bright colored shelves in the second picture & the yellow print chair in the last picture! So exciting! :)

  4. I literally love every single one of these photos. We have very similar decorating tastes I think! :) xx

  5. I'm moving into a new apartment in just over a week and can't wait to decorate! Love the gold polka dots and the lights outlining the wall. And hey from Aloha friday :)


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