Thursday, May 31, 2018


Saturday we woke up early and I spent a good bit of time outside before it got too hot for the day. I absolutely LOVE sitting on our back early in the morning.

Matthew made cooked up some hash browns and eggs on the flat top and I toasted some whole wheat waffles for breakfast. Such a quick and easy, but delicious breakfast!!

We went to a cookout at Matthew's parent's house. It was so good seeing everyone and the food was delicious! My MIL made homemade strawberry shortcakes, and they were so good and the perfect treat for summer. She also made a delicious chocolate dish.

We were so stuffed after dinner we decided to take all the dogs on a walk. A storm had blown through so it cooled off a lot and ended up being a gorgeous afternoon!

Monday we hosted a cookout at our house. We had been watching the weather and hoping the rain/storms would hold off so my family could go swimming at our neighborhood pool, but it ended up raining for most of the day. We still made it to the pool though! Matthew grilled hamburgers and hot dogs that morning when there was a break in the rain. They were so good!

Memorial Day Weekend | 2017
Memorial Day Weekend | 2016
Memorial Day Weekend | 2015

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Monday - Memorial Day - Hamburgers and hot dogs
Tuesday - Out to dinner
Wednesday - I am making spaghetti using my mema's recipe, it is my absolute favorite!
Thursday - Tacos
Friday - We'll probably have leftovers or grill some chicken and have a spinach and chicken salad!

As of yesterday, 8 YEARS of being with Matthew! So many sweet memories. I went through a ton of old pictures of the two of us over the past 8 years....we were such babies!!
(May 29, 2010)

I am loving that it's finally summer time! School's are officially out around here, VBS talk and meetings are going on, our neighborhood pool has opened, and all of the warm weather! Summer is HERE!

House project planning! I can't wait to share what all we've been up to and planning. 

All the summer bugs!! I already have a ton of mosquito bites and it's just the beginning of summer.

I have been working on my 'Welcome' sign I talked about last week. I'm hoping to finish it this week and I'll share it soon. 

We are both taking some time off over the next couple of months and I am looking forward to some downtime this summer. My sister and I are also planning a day trip to Memphis this summer that we are both looking forward to! I am also helping plan my best friend's baby shower this summer and I am so excited to start planning for that!

I'm not doing any leisurely reading right now, but I am reading a whole bunch of documents for training at work, ha! I have also been watching my favorite Vloggers, Ellie and Jared. I love their YouTube channel!

I made a playlist on Spotify a couple of weeks ago with some "old tunes" that I listened to with my parents growing up- I have missed these songs! Matthew and I were getting things prepped and ready for a cookout at our house this past weekend and we played that and danced around kitchen to it all morning.

I have been LIVING in these dresses from Old Navy so far this summer, and when I'm not in those I'm in athletic shorts and a tank top, ha! Gotta find ways to stay cool in this summer heat that has already set in!

I am getting my hair trimmed on Friday and that's the only set in stone plan we have so far this weekend! 

- Time with family and friends
- More house projects
- I am getting some new current glasses are from HIGH SCHOOL so I'd say it's time for an upgrade, ha!
- Time off of work

It was time for us to upgrade our phones and Verizon had a great deal going this past weekend so were were able to upgrade and our bill stayed the same....yay!

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Friday, May 25, 2018


Happy Friday! 

ONE | I think Kait said it best in her Instagram post, but THANK YOU to all those men and women who have and are still currently serving, and to those who have lost their lives protecting ours, we owe you everything. This holiday weekend and it's meaning is not lost on me. 

TWO | This has been one busy week! My company's headquarters is in Indiana so this week a few new co-workers and my new boss flew into town for some in person training sessions. They were great, but that led to some long days this week learning all the new things! One of our activities involved a Mr. Potato Head, ha!

THREE | Wednesday after a full day of training I wrapped up a few emails and hightailed it to my parent's house to do my sister's makeup for her 8th grade formal. It's not cool these days to have your parents drop you off at formal so I quickly volunteered to handle drop off....we won't even talk about the 500 tears I choked back as she and her date walked into formal. How am I ever going to survive dropping my own kids off at kindergarten some day?! We won't tell her I sat in the parking lot a good 10 minutes after I dropped her off debating whether or not I was going to stay the whole time or not. 

FOUR | Last night my sister and I attended the Harry Potter concert at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center downtown and it was incredible! It was the fourth movie, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and it was really good! For someone who hasn't seen the first 3 movies, I was actually interested in it and now I want to binge watch the first three this weekend.

FIVE | We are having a cookout with Matthew's family on Saturday and my family on Monday. We are looking forward to all the family time this weekend! Also, the pool in our neighborhood is opening for the summer this weekend and I am so ready!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Like most weekends, we hated seeing it come to an end on Sunday night, but it was a great weekend!

Friday we both worked from home and decided to try our movie pass out after work.. We saw Life of the Party and it was pretty funny. I would say it's one of Melissa McCarthy's better movies, not so vulgar.

Saturday Matthew made a delicious breakfast on his flat top grill, eggs, sausage, and hash browns, and I threw some biscuits in the oven. I didn't snap a picture, but it was so good! A coworker of mine has chickens so we got some farm fresh eggs from him this past week!

I started working on my 'welcome' sign that I want to make, it ended up taking the stain longer to dry than I thought, so I'm not completely finished with it yet, but I'm hoping to finish it up this week! I also spray painted some small floating shelves that we are going to add to our powder room

We decided to make a Sam's Club trip to get a few items and to see their summer items, we haven't been to Sam's in forever, so I wanted to price a few things out. I had also head about their summer dinnerware being out and I had read some good reviews, so I wanted to pick a set up. We like having these kind of plates for quick and easy meals. I love this floral design, so cute and festive for summer!

Saturday night we decided to go see another movie! We saw Overboard and we loved it. Such a cute movie, we didn't go into the movie with high hopes that it would be really good, but it was. We definitely recommend going to see it. 

After church on Sunday morning we went to a cookout at our friend's house with our class from church and we had a good time! It was so hot, but they had plenty of shade in their backyard. The guys all played yard games and the girls stayed in the shade and chased the kids around lol.

Sunday afternoon we had a VBS meeting. I am looking forward to helping out this year!!

I ended the weekend soaking in a hot bath and it was glorious! 

Friday, May 18, 2018


Happy Friday!

| ONE |
I got to work the other day only to find out the air was broken and they didn't have an ETA on when it would be getting fixed. So I turned around and headed back home to work for the rest of the day. Reagan wasn't complaining! I worked outside all morning until the rain forced us inside. 

| TWO |
I saw this the other day on Facebook and literally laughed out loud. Reagan and I will take one for this summer, please & thank you!

| THREE | 
Matthew and I recently purchased a movie pass and it finally arrived in the mail last week, so we have plans to see a movie or two this weekend! Does anyone have this? Unlimited movies a month for only $9.99 a month! That's such a good deal. We are looking forward to all the movies coming out this summer!

| FOUR |
I have been spending most of my evenings out on the back patio, once the sun goes down and it cools off some, and I am LOVING it!

| FIVE |
I am hoping to make a 'welcome' sign for outside our front door area this weekend. These are some ideas that I have.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


I have said before and I'll say it again. I rarely ever pay full price for clothes. 98% of the time I will wait for a good sale to happen and then grab a few (or six) items for the season.

Matthew and I have budgeted a certain amount each month that we both each get, also known as "spending money". That "spending money" goes towards whatever we want: clothes, eating out for lunch with co-workers, girls nights/guys nights, etc. So if I know there is a good sale coming up I usually tend to save my "spending money" and wait for a good clothing sale...Memorial Day is coming ;) However, the other day I saw that Old Navy had all dresses 50% off,  and I have been wanting some new summer dresses so I decided to take advantage of the sale and ended up purchasing 6 dresses- and I didn't pay over $18 for a single dress. That is my kinda deal! The 50% off sale has ended, but it looks like there is still a 30% off coupon out there. 

| ONE |
I love the palm leaf trend that is going on right now, but I also love the black and white palm tree look with this dress. 

| TWO |
I absolutely love Old Navy's swing dresses. They are so comfortable, and I love this design.

I loved it so much, that I got it in the black and white stripe, too! I could even wear this one with a cardigan, leggings, and boots in the fall/winter.

| FOUR |
I thought this would be the perfect dress for July 4th cookouts. It also is lightweight. which is perfect for Tennessee summers. 

| FIVE |
This looks like it will be the perfect black dress for work. The reviews also backed that up. I definitely have my eye on the maroon one as well, but they were sold out of my size. So if it is a real winner I will definitely purchase the maroon one when it's back in stock and on sale.

| SIX |
I thought this one was adorable in white and the navy, but decided to go with the white since I don't have many white dresses. Love the ruffle detailing on the sleeves. So cute!

Monday, May 14, 2018


We had a great weekend with our families celebrating our moms for Mother's Day!

Saturday morning was beautiful! I took Reagan out to the bathroom and enjoyed a few quiet moments on the back patio with my favorite drink and the birds chirping. I absolutely LOVE our backyard and especially early in the mornings before it gets too hot. So peaceful and relaxing. Slow Saturday mornings are my kinda mornings!

We ate lunch with Matthew's parents and got to see his older brother who was in town for a little while before heading over to my parent's house for the afternoon. It warmed up quickly on Saturday and it seems like we went straight from winter to summer, but I'm not complaining. I'm ready for some warm weather. My dad's peonies had even more blooms so I snipped a few to take to my MIL for Mother's Day. I could not resist, they are BEAUTIFUL and I want 100 peony bushes in our yard now. 

Sunday we went to church and then had lunch with Matthew's family before heading back home. We are so thankful for our mom's and loved spending time with them this weekend.

Happy Mother’s Day, mama! She is truly “mama” to everyone and that has never been more evident than it has this year. Our family would not be as happy, fun, loving, or caring without her.
Also, happy Mother’s Day to my sweet mother-in-law! She loves me as her own, is so incredibly loyal to her family, and raised the most kind, thoughtful, loving man that I somehow got lucky enough to marry. 💕

Friday, May 11, 2018


Happy Friday!

ONE | Last weekend we headed to Cookeville for our best friend's graduation weekend! We stayed the night with them and went to his graduation and graduation party after before heading back home. Such a fun weekend with friends in one of our favorite towns!
 Rachel made this delicious strawberry cake for his graduation party and it was a hit! 

TWO | Every spring I look forward to my dad's peonies blooming. The true sign that summer is coming!!

THREE | The weather has been so nice this week, so the other afternoon I took Reagan around town with me for some errands and a stop by a new park we discovered not too far from our house! We also made a stop by Sonic for some happy hour half price drinks (strawberry limeade for me and water for Reagan!)

Reagan takes flower shopping very seriously

FOUR | I picked up this cauliflower pizza crust at Trader Joe's a few weeks ago and decided to try it one night this week while Matthew was out of town on a business trip. After a couple of bites it ended up in the trash. I HATE throwing food away and wasting, but I just couldn't do it! So leftover Olive Garden bread sticks for dinner it was. #carbsforlife

FIVE | Recently we purchased a new flat top grill and we have been LOVING it! Matthew is a pro with it and has made us some delicious meals. Last weekend we had burgers and hibachi chicken and steak with friend rice. I kid you not, it tasted just like the hibachi grill we usually go to. So excited for cookouts this summer!

Picked up this yum yum sauce at Wal-Mart and it is so good!

Happy Mother's Day to all you mama's out there!