Before all things I am a servant of Christ and I try to do all things the way I know God would want me to do them. I am a twenty something Tennessean, born and raised here.
I LOVE the south
I recently moved out for the first time this past summer. I transferred to Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville, TN where I am earning my bachelor's degree in Organizational Leadership. 

Meet my family,
I have three younger sisters..my poor daddy, living in a house full of girls, ha!
My parents have been married for 26 years...so sweet!

Meet my boyfriend,
We have been dating since May 2010 but we have
known each other since we were 4.
(Read more about our love story here)
We love having fun together, going on "Matthew & Shelby adventures",
cooking, laughing at ourselves, and just relaxing and
watching half a season of our new favorite show at the moment.
The first three years of dating we lived an hour away from each other, Matthew was in Cookeville and I was back home in Murfreesboro. We are both very excited to be living in the same area code and even better...going to the same school.

I have two great girls I am living with
we all three attend the same church up here and are all apart of our college ministry.

I am involved in a campus ministry here at Tech called the SOC (Servants Of Christ) and I love it. We have many activities going on each day of the week so we always have something to do. We go on fall & spring retreats as well as different mission trips. I play intramurals with the SOC as well and so enjoy that!

Meet my bestfriends 
I have had 2 best friends since I was in the third grade.
Kathleen and Sarah.
We have been through the unthinkable together and still have managed to remain close.
I can't imagine going through life with better girls as my best friends.
I knew when I was younger that I was making friendships with them that would last a life time.
(Our senior prom 2011)



  1. I am stopping on over after reading your guest post on Emily's blog! So delighted to find another TN gal and to be your newest follower! :)
    Rebecca :)

  2. Love that I found a new East Tennessean on here! Love you blog:)


  3. Oh my gosh are we the same person? Sophomore in college, Jesus lovers, cooking and baking all the time, dreaming of living in NC, can't wait to get married, planning every day? Yes I think so! Soo glad I found your blog!!

    1. Twinsies? :) So glad you found my blog too!!

    2. haha I live in NC and I want to live in TN!!

  4. Where in Tennessee do you live!? I live in Knoxville! So happy to have found your page!!


  5. I found your blog through the Blog Hop : ) I have 4 little sisters and no brothers... which was awesome. I'm happy I found your page!

  6. I'm so so glad I found your blog! I'm in college too and have an incredible boyfriend and have my wedding already figured out in my head haha! Have a wonderful day:)

  7. You are just a joy, I love your blog. You & your boyfriend are simply adorable. The idea of your blog is just great, and so many terrific ideas. I currently live go to school in WI but live in MA & after graduation I'm moving to NC!! Maybe you'll be there and we can get together and chat :) oh so great. (I have my wedding colors picked out too) :) So glad I found this blog!

    xo. Kailagh

  8. Hi Shelby!

    Just found your adorable blog!! After reading your about me page I can say that we have quite a few things in common!! :-) Always so fun to find other Southern bloggers!

    xoxo Miss ALK

  9. Hi Shelby!
    Stopping by from the "Friend Connect" blog hop. Now following you on Facebook, Twitter, and GFC. Looking forward to reading your posts.
    Have a great week :)
    Bismah @
    Simple Mama

  10. Your blog is adorable! I am a new follower from the Blogs by Christian Women site. Would love for you to follow back!


  11. nice to "meet" you, Shelby! excited to follow along!


  12. Can you make sure I'm not a no-reply blogger. Not sure if I did it correctly or not? Very nice to meet you Shelby!


  13. I love your blog! My mom actually went to Tennessee Tech for 1-2 years and then transferred to UTC! My parents live in Chattanooga now and I just absolutely love Tennessee! Glad to be following you now :)

  14. Yay! Another Christian newlywed. So nice to meet you!

  15. It's always fun finding new blogging friends but finding those that love Jesus makes it 10 times better! woohoo!

  16. Just being a total stalker -- and now you can change "boyfriend" to HUSBAND!!!!! How awesome!?!? ;)


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