Wednesday, May 21, 2014

sKa Apartment

I knew this past weekend Matthew was planning on moving some of my stuff in but I didn't realize he was going to move EVERYTHING and have it all set up. 
He put together my two end tables, coffee table, my kitchen table, my outdoor patio set and my bed.
He moved everything from my old furniture to all my clothes and jewelry to putting my new furniture together, he moved it all and did it all. He made multiple trips between my old apartment and my new one and the store. He bought the air fresheners I like so that it wouldn't have that new apartment smell when I got back and had everything set up so perfect. Also, our friends helped out too! Which of course was a true blessing. From helping moving the big stuff up the stairs, to throwing stuff in their car, to letting us borrow their truck, we appreciated it all!
We cooked my first dinner at my apartment Monday night!
We have made a trip to Wal-Mart almost every night this week to pick up small things that I need and I forgot to pick up dish soap and something to clean the dishes with and he sent me this picture thoughtful! He stopped by the store and picked it up after he left the library for the day.
I really do think Matthew is more excited about my apartment than I am...he has already said he is going to do everything but shower and sleep at my apartment LOL.
I am still trying to unpack all my boxes. It is VERY frustrating needing something and then realizing it is still packed up somewhere. I did label my boxes so at least I know which box it is in if I really need it right then. I should have everything unpacked by Friday, keeping my fingers crossed on that one! I am having some trouble with my internet though, we thought it was my router since it is older so we went to Wal-Mart to pick up a new one and it still wasn't working. Matthew and Ethan worked on it all last night and still it just wasn't working. hopefully tonight it will work!
you can follow this hashtag to keep up with all my apartment updates!
1 week from today Matthew will be sitting for the 1st part of the CPA exam!! So excited for him, I know he will do great.


  1. Looks great! It always feels so nice to get all your stuff settled into a new place!
    Kallie / But First, Coffee

  2. your apartment is adorable... and how sweet is he for setting it up!?!? cant wait to see more pictures later!!!

  3. Moving is the worst! That's so great of Matthew! Good Luck!

  4. Aww! That was so sweet of him. I think you have a keeper. :)
    Love your lamp/lamp shades.

  5. Oh my goodness that is too sweet. THAT is a keeper!


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