Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday letters

Dear Friday, you came quickly, but I promise I'm not complaining! Dear apartment D, it's been fun but last night was my last night there. I am moving on to my own apartment this weekend!!!!! Dear Matthew, I am so proud of you work working so hard this week on you summer class, I know it's not anywhere near fun or a "summer" for you but it will be worth it and you are going to DOMINATE that first test in TWELVE days!!!! Also thank you for moving my stuff into my new apartment while I am away this weekend, and thank you for my new toaster!! It matches my crock pot perfectly!! you are THE best! 
Dear rain, please go away, ya girl needs some vitamin D in her life and I don't want to drive four hours tonight in the rain. Dear new apartment, I AM SO EXCITED TO FINALLY MOVE IN, have I mentioned that already? Dear packing, you have made me realize I am a hoarder, not as in I could be on the T.V. show but I do keep useless stuff because I might want to make a craft out of it later. Not anymore!
(this isn't even all of it, there are more boxes in my room)
Dear little old lady at Food Lion, thank you for giving me a car load of boxes fo free so that I could pack up my apartment! You even brought them outside and help me load them in my car in the pouring down rain, you kindness was appreciated more than you know.
Dear crazy Tennessee weather, WHAT THE HECK?! 49 degrees on my way to work this morning was definitely not what I expected in the middle of MAY!! 


  1. that was so sweet of them to give you all of those boxes!!!

  2. I'm packing my apartment up too and it's KILLING me! I hate packing because I have so MUCH junk!


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