Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Georgia on my mind

Friday when I got off we loaded up and headed to Georgia! Matthew's brother, Nathan and my friend Kaylen rode with me. We had a four and a half hour drive to go and decided a couple days before to stop in Chattanooga to eat dinner with Matthew's older brother, Andrew. We met him at 5 guys and it was delicious!
We made it to the camp around 11. It was back down a gravel road and was completely dark. Our campus minister had text us and told us where to park so we parked where he told us to and as we opened our doors we were talking and one of our friends come running around a tree with a chainsaw which of course made us scream and jump back in the car. Later we were told everyone at the camp had been hiding our for the past 45 minutes before we got there to scare us, it was funny to say the least.
The girls
Saturday morning we woke up and went door knocking with a local church to help spread the word about their gospel meeting coming up this week. There were 60 total
(including some of their church members) and they said as a whole we knocked on over 900 doors!
We spent a few hours doing that and then finished up just in time for the rain to start.
We ate lunch at Stevi B's pizza buffet and oh.my.goodness. It is GREAT! If you have never heard of it but have heard of CiCi's pizza buffet then think of that but a little nicer and definitely cleaner and more options for pizza, hello loaded baked potato pizza :)
After lunch we decided to drive into downtown Atlanta and to visit the Aquarium. It was HUGE and definitely a popular place to be on a Saturday considering how crowded it was.


Selfie with the penguins, because that's normal ;)

We were able to watch a Dolphin show while we were there and it was incredible!
Still curious as to why I didn't become a dolphin trainer/whisperer.
After that we walked over to Olympic park and just walked around

This was my first time driving in downtown Atlanta so I was a little nervous but it was all good!
We decided to eat dinner back in Douglasville, where the camp was located so we wouldn't get back too late. We all decided on Cajun and ate at a local restaurant. We waited almost 2 hours because we had so many people but it was well worth the wait. Obviously I am from Tennessee and I am not used to that spicy of foods, Creole is about as far as ya girl can go. Well this was definitely past Creole.

My lips were burning for a good 15 minutes after dinner and it looked like I didn't even touch it when I became full but it was DELICIOUS
(go on and laugh, this was probably really weak to most of you, I know)
Sunday morning we went to church at Lithia Springs in Douglasville and then they had a potluck meal after, hands down the best potluck I have ever been to and I have been to a ton over the years. Those people know how to cook!!
After we were completely stuffed we hit the road to head back home and of course it was raining cats and dogs for the first hour or so. We decided to stop back in Chattanooga and meet Andrew for ice cream since we have to go through Chattanooga.
We got back to Cookeville a little after 6 after I dropped Kaylen back off at her car and Nathan and Jenny off I went straight over to my new apartment to see it. Matthew wasn't able to go on the trip because of his summer class he is taking so he moved me into my new apartment and had been sending me pictures all weekend of how it was coming together.
I'll post all about it tomorrow but here is the picture I posted on Instagram Sunday night!


  1. There is nothing better than a church potluck! I found your blog a few days ago and I really enjoy reading about your adventures. Hope you enjoy your new apartment.

  2. Love that penguin selfie!! Penguins are my fave! :) Cannot wait to hear more about your new apt!

  3. That meal looks AMAZING! I wish we had one of those around here. I would have to try it. I actually live in Louisiana, but before you laugh, I live in the upper part of the state. You have to travel WAY down south in order to eat in Cajun country. I just put Tonys in everything and that spices our food up plenty. :) I can't wait to see more apt. pics. I love your lamp shades!

  4. Church of Christ, represent! ;) Also, my good friend growing up lived in Lithia Springs. How cool you were in GA and there!


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