Monday, May 12, 2014

Finally catching up!!

It's time to play catch up since someone keeps telling me I haven't blogged in awhile (ahem...Ethan)
This past weekend Matthew's older brother, Andrew, graduated from Tennessee Tech with his masters in mechanical engineering, so last week was his last week in Cookeville so we tried to all hang out as much as possible.
Last Sunday night Andrew was preparing and practicing his big presentation for Monday morning. Matthew, Ethan and I all went to dinner after church and then went back to the SOC house to listen to Andrew practice his presentation.

Monday night we had pancakes over at the SOC house as a study break for everyone taking finals
We played cornhole and sat around and talked.
I love this picture we took!! I just wish it was clear lol
 The crew!
Wednesday night before church we grilled out and celebrated Ethan's birthday at Matthew's apartment. Matthew and I had made his cake on Tuesday night, it was a four layer chocolate on chocolate cake aaaand it was leaning lol.

The crew!

After church Wednesday night we decided to all go eno on campus because the weather was PERFECT

Thursday afternoon Ethan headed off to vacation and we took Andrew out to dinner to celebrate his graduation. We didn't get a pic with him but I got pictures with my roommates!
Then we realized we were all wearing chaco's so this happened..
 After dinner we all went back to our apartment and watched Frozen!
Friday night Matthew had 2 church league softball games and they won!!
Saturday was graduation day!!!! I woke up early and got ready so we could get over there to save our seats!!
We were there plenty of time before it started and since Ethan couldn't be there we sent him snap chats and videos..

We went to one of our favorite Italian places here in Cookeville and celebrated with lunch and cake!
I headed home after that to celebrate mother's day with my mom.
We had dinner at my house with some family as well and then Sunday after church we went to my mema's house and grilled out with them!

After that I picked Matthew up and we headed back to Cookeville! Matthew and Nathan loaded up Matthew's 2 couches he bought last semester and I am going to use them in my new apt!!
This is my last week in good ole apartment D but I am SO stinking excited about my new apartment!
This past week/weekend was definitely crazy busy and it doesn't look like it's slowing down anytime soon. Matthew started his summer class this morning, it is a CPA prep course. Lord willing by the end of August he will have taken and passed all 4 parts of the CPA. It is a very intense course, he will have an online lecture for 4 hours a day and then he is assigned 8+ hours of homework to have completed by the next day. It is going to be hard and a lot of work for him but it will definitely be worth it! I am SO proud of him!! This week I will be packing things up each night getting ready to move to my new apt and then Friday when I get off I am heading to Georgia for a mission trip with the SOC! 

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