Friday, September 27, 2013

Sometimes love is..

Sometimes love is dancing in the kitchen together while making dinner.
Sometimes love is holding your tongue and swallowing that stinger of a comeback.
Sometimes love is smiling and swallowing something whole to not upset the other one.
Sometimes love is changing habits and making new ones.
Sometimes love is going on adventures.
Sometimes love is looking for lost phones, car keys, and missing ties.
Sometimes love is being dependent; sometimes love is being independent.
Sometimes love is a back scratching or a head rub.
Sometimes love is getting dressed up all fancy and going out on a date.
Sometimes love is sweatpants, an old t-shirt and a messy bun on top of your head watching movies on the couch together.
Sometimes love is a simple phone conversation while driving home from work.
Sometimes love is a long conversation going back and forth into until someone agrees to disagree or something is settled.
Sometimes love is watching the other one do their homework and read every single problem out loud as they work out the problem.
Sometimes love is not needing to say anything at all but just needing a hug.
Sometimes love is talking the other ones ear off even though they have to wake up early the next morning.
Sometimes love is falling asleep and setting an alarm at 12:00AM to tell the other one happy birthday first.
Sometimes love is waking up early when you don't have your first class until 11 to talk to the other one on their way to work.
Sometimes love is waiting on your girlfriends nail polish to dry for an hour before we can go somewhere so they don't get messed up. (love you long time, Matthew)
Sometimes love is already knowing when the other one is having a bad day just by the tone of their voice.
Sometimes love is long car rides and talking with each other the whole time.
Sometimes love is long car rides and blaring loud music and singing along together,
Sometime love is long car rides and not saying much but just holding hands.
Sometimes love is letting the other one know they did something wrong.
Sometimes love is fixing the others mistake and keeping quite about not to upset the other one.
Sometimes love is surprises.
Sometimes love is watching your girlfriend drain the meat she just cooked and accidently dumping the whole thing in the sink and laughing so she won't cry (sorry, Matthew!)
Sometimes love is building a fort in your living room and watching a movie and having pizza.
Sometimes love is talking long walks around campus at night.
Sometimes love is reminding the other one of upcoming important events.
and then sometimes love is the sweetest card with a hand written note in it just because. I like it when love is simple, comes easy and sprinkled with lovely dovey stuff, but this is only but one face of love. All is love and all is needed, each face of love requires all the other faces to be real.
Love takes work, but it's always - not sometimes - always, always - worth it.
We have been SO busy since school started, literally going nonstop and when we do have a little bit of free time we are planning something to do. October is almost here and that is ALWAYS a busy month for us and this year is no exception. So tonight we are turning off our phones. We have no where to be, no plans, no events to be at and I am more than thrilled to just finally relax. Cooking and watching movies with M sounds so good. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Laundry Wreath

After I moved into my apartment I knew I wanted to get even craftier and make things for different areas of the apartment. We can't paint the walls but we can hang stuff up.
I saw a wreath similar to this on Pinterest and knew it would look adorable for our laundry room!!
Stay Crafty My Friends
It is probably one of the easiest wreaths to make and it's cute.
What you will need:
- wire wreath
-large bag of clothespins
-Hot glue gun
Step 1:
Start adding the clothespins onto the wreath, play around with it and decide how you want them on there. I staggered mine to make it look fuller and so you wouldn't see the wire behind it. Keep adding them until the whole thing is covered.
Step 2:
I cut out small triangles out of burlap, you can do whatever you want to make the banner.
I painted the word "Laundry" on it and let it dry over night.
Step 3:
Measure the ribbon on how much you will need to go across the wreath and then hot glue the burlap triangles to the ribbon.
Step 4:
I added yellow flowers that I found at Hobby Lobby. I just hot glued these on as well.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall bucket list

I love fall...have I said that already?
Something about the cool crisp air in the early mornings, all the leaves beginning to change colors, having to wear sock to bed and seeing pumpkins and mums outside of the stores make me
 happy happy happy!
This will be my first fall in Cookeville and I am wanting to try new things and start some small traditions with Matthew!!
1.) Carve pumpkins....its just a fun thing to do and I like trying different carvings on them!
I also want to decorate a few small pumpkins, I have been seeing a bunch of different cute ideas on Pinterest that I am dying to do.
2.) Chili and game night...I want to try a new chili recipe and use my crock pot for it and I think it would be really fun to have a game night with a bunch of close friends.
3.) Corn Maze....I don't think you can ever be too old for a corn maze.
4.) Pumpkin patch....Love going to these and picking out the perfect pumpkin!!
5.) Local fall festival....I am hoping Cookeville has some type of fall festival or something for fall, like on the town square or something. Cookeville is small so surely they do!
6.) Fall picnic by the water....I love my new picnic basket and there is nothing better than a packed picnic basket sitting on a blanket with my man by the water enjoying the cool crisp air and just talking.
7.) Apple orchard....I have never been to one but I would LOVE to find on close by and pick the best apples and make a fresh apple pie or maybe some apple jelly!
8.) Farmers market....I absolutely LOVE our farmers market back home. It takes over the whole square every Saturday morning and they have every type of fruit, vegetable and flower you can think of. Always such a fun time and you are bound to see at least 10 people you know there.
9.) MUMS & I said one of my favorite parts of fall!!!! I am dying to get some beautiful bright yellow mums to sit out on the front steps of our apartment.
10.) Scary movie night...I used to watch scary movies  every.single.Friday.night  when I was younger but as I got older I didn't watch them as much and now that I am living in an apartment I don't watch them but since it's getting close to Halloween I think it would be fun to have a scary movie night with the girls (definitely not by myself, HA!)\
11.)  Hot cider and walking around campus.....Last fall when I worked at the bank we made this hot cider that was AHH-MAZING! I probably had about 4 cups of it each time we made it. It tasted amazing and was perfect for the cooler weather. Our customers came to our location just for the got cider. So I am wanting to make some of that and take a walk around campus with Matthew this fall as well. I have heard campus is BEAUTIFUL in the fall and I am so excited to see it!!!!!
What is on your fall bucket list??
Leave a link to your post in the comments so I can see yours as well, I am always looking for fun things to add to my list!!
P.S.  If you are looking for cute inexpensive fall decorations, Target's dollar section is definitely hot right now with all kinds of ADORABLE fall and Halloween items!! I will share with y'all some of our fall decorations in our apartment soon!

Love you long time

Happy Tuesday!
Instead of writing a weekend recap I actually wanted to pop in here for a minute and talk about my hard-working, handsome boyfriend, Matthew.
Yep. This guy right here.
I know, I know, I just heard you say, "daaaang"
Can't say that I blame you! :)
I admit, I brag about him all the time and I know it goes without saying how much I love this man.
However, I just wanted to brag a little bit more on him today.
Matthew is in his last semester as an undergrad student. He will be walking across the stage in less than 3 months to receive his diploma he has worked so hard for.
Oh, did I mention he is graduating a SEMESTER EARLY? Matthew has somehow juggled being a full time student, working part time on campus, a summer internship, attending events regularly with our college ministry, being a member of Beta Alpha Psi, playing intramurals and on top of all that being an caring and thoughtful boyfriend.
I really don't see how he does it but he does and I never hear him complain.

Most night he fixes us dinner or meets me before my night class with dinner because I don't get off until 5:30 and we are usually starving by 5 and have somewhere to be by 6 or 7. He goes to the store with me late because I just have to get a few things. He waits patiently for my nails to dry before we can go somewhere. He goes along with my CRAZY ideas. He takes about a million pictures with me, just because. He dresses up and still takes me on dates around town. He still, every single time we go somewhere, opens my car door for me. He helps me with my homework. He listens to me, whether it be complaining about girl things or just having a conversation about my day, he listens to me. He keeps me laughing nonstop with his corny jokes and quirky ways. Love you long time, Matthew.
Matthew is SO dedicated to his major, I have never met someone who likes school much, if we are being honest, I'm a little jealous of his love for his major and school, ha! He plans so well for the future, from internships to actual jobs. He makes an excel spreadsheet for everything. He dedicates certain times for studying and for homework all while he takes on everything else.
Back in the summer the youth minister from our church back at home asked Matthew to speak at Short Mountain Bible Camp while the youth group was there. Matthew made up a lesson that was scripturally based and spoke to about 100 kids and the chaperons. This past Sunday night he did another lesson to a large group of college students. He takes time and everything comes from scripture.
Words can't describe how proud of Matthew. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful example of what a Christ like God fearing man should be as a boyfriend. He practices patience and gentleness while still remaining strong and masculine. He is what God intended men to be like. He is the depiction of an outstanding boyfriend and leader. You might say I'm his biggest fan, and I am truly honored and humbled to call him my boyfriend.  
I love everything about you, Matthew

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Welcoming the first day of fall with this beautiful weather and sunshine after church this morning! 
So excited for all the fun and exciting things this season brings each year.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday letter's

Dear yesterday, you were too good to me. Dear Friday, I love you, that is all :)
Dear Cookeville, you are great and I am loving it up here. Dear little sisters, I'm excited to spend the weekend with you!! Dear weather, I am ready for you to start cooling off. I'm ready to start wearing my cute boots ya know what I mean?? Dear new Chacos, my little happy feet just love you. 

Dear Matthew, I love you. I love our relationship. 
Thank you for being my best friend.
Loving life with you. 


Thursday, September 19, 2013

DIY chevron jewelry board

Here lately I have been obsessed with necklaces.
I feel like it compliments most of my outfits and they are just too cute.
I have never really been a big jewelry person so I have never had any earring/necklace/bracelet, etc. holders so I was just hanging my necklaces on my drawer knobs.
Then that got annoying with having to untangle them and not being able to open the next drawer without the necklaces getting caught in another drawer.
I didn't want to buy a necklace holder when I knew I could make my own, even though
Hobby Lobby has some super cute ones but...
savin dollas make ya holla.
So I kept looking on Pinterest but I just didn't really like any on there. They were either too small or too big or just not what I wanted.
So after walking around Hobby Lobby one day I found some foam board and thought I could use that and make a CUTE necklace holder.
What you will need:
1.) Foam Board
 (I bought mine at Dollar Tree it's almost $7 at Hobby Lobby so get it at Dollar Tree if you can!!)
2.) Adhesive spray
(I bought mine at Hobby Lobby but can be found at Wal-Mart also)
3.) Fabric
4.) Drawer knobs or pushpins
4.) Scissors
5.) Gloves
(I HIGHLY recommend gloves for this because you will be spreading the fabric with your hands over the foam board to get all the air bubble out and the adhesive spray will come through the fabric and get ALL OVER YOUR HANDS)
Step 1:
Cut the foam board down to the size you want.

Step 2:
Measure the fabric for the foam board, you want to have enough fabric to where you can wrap it around the edges.
Step 3:
Spray the foam board with the adhesive spray. edges and all.
Step 4:
Smooth the fabric down quickly, the adhesive spray dries quick. Smooth out all the air bubbles.
You might have to lift the fabric up on the edges and spray a little more of the adhesive spray so that it sticks.
Step 5:
Flip the foam board over and spray ONLY the edges and smooth it all down, make sure you pull the fabric as tight as you can so it doesn't look bad on the front.

Step 6:
Take the knobs (or pushpins) you decided on and just push it through the fabric and foam board.
 It will not break the foam board and you do not need any type of tool to do this. Just twist it until it goes through both.

 These are the knobs I used, I found them at Hobby Lobby

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

21st birthday celebrations!!

My birthday was last Tuesday and let me tell ya it was great!!
I absolutely love celebrating birthdays not just mine but everyone's, it is such a fun and exciting time.
Tuesday morning Matthew started out my birthday with a surprise...donuts!
We LOVE Big O's donuts here and it's a struggle not to go there everyday as I am passing by to go to work haha
and then Matthew couldn't wait any longer to give me my present so he made me close my eyes and hold out my hand and this is what I saw when I opened my eyes...
Matthew and I saw Luke Bryan a couple of years ago at the CMA fest and I have loved him every since.
Matthew brought me and my friend Sarah lunch during our break. We all ate outside because the weather was great and who doesn't love a birthday picnic?
My beautiful flowers from my parents!

After work 10 of us met at El Tap for my birthday dinner!
I hardly knew most of them last year at this time, if you would have told me a year ago that I'd be celebrating my 21st with 10 people I hardly knew yet I never would have believed it. I have only been in Cookeville for a few months but I am so thankful for this precious group of friends that made me feel so surrounded and celebrated that night.


whip cream up my nose, gettin wild y'all (just kidding)
After church that night we all went back to my apartment and I opened my gifts and my Olivia made my key lime pie, woo hoo!! (THANK YOU OLIVIA, I know you are reading this)
This was her first time making it and it was delicious and it looked perfect!
After everyone left I got my roommate to make a picture of Matthew and I with my tickets...
the struggle was real y'all.
The lighting was bad too...boooo bad apartment lightening.
AND then when I thought all the celebrating was over Matthew threw me a surprise birthday lunch Saturday!
I woke up Saturday and planned on going and getting my first pair of chacos, I had a coupon and got a student discount so I was pretty excited.

Matthew asked if I wanted to come over for lunch, he was grilling some chicken. Grilled chicken is my FAV. So I told him I would be over there after I got my new shoes, haha. I drove over to his apartment and saw my roommates car at his apartment.
So I go inside and everyone is sitting around and they all yelled surprise!
We had fresh salad, grilled chicken, baked potato, green beans and rolls...hands down my FAVORITE meal. Then brownies!
 Roomie picture
 THANK YOU Matthew for everything! This was by far one of the best birthdays I've had and you did so much to make it special and I appreciated it all.
Over all my 21st birthday was AMAZING!
I loved every minute celebrating with my friends!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Adding light to your closet- rope light.

In my apartment I have this long closet. There are two doors on each end and there is NO lighting inside the closet. When I first moved in I was a little shocked by that.
I have been thinking of different ways to add lighting so I can see in there.
On top of my dresser I have all my jewelry and recently I added a mirror to the inside of my closet door and I have been doing my makeup there. It is close to my window so I get a lot of natural light which I  L O V E.
Anyways back to the lighting...
I bought these touch lights at Wal-Mart a couple of weeks ago and thought it would brighten things up in there...
No just no

obviously this was not enough light, not that I use my closet much at night but I do like to pick out my clothes and jewelry the night before so ya girl needs light!!!!
So I had these for about 2 weeks and then I saw some rope light at Wal-Mart and it was like a bell went off in my head, DUHH. Why haven't I thought of this sooner?!!
It came with hooks but there was no way I could hook it to the wall. So I just ran it across the door seal on the inside of my closet. There is nothing holding it there, it is just resting on top.
 Very easy and only $12.99!! Woo hoo! 
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