Wednesday, September 4, 2013

sand in my toes and salt in my hair...

I wish that was the case but sadly I am sitting in my office chair, blanket over my toes because it's so cold at work.
Day 2: If you could take three months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do?
I would definitely take one of those months and spend it at the beach.
I'm not really sure which one but just a quite and calm beach where there are not a lot of people.
I would just layout on one of those comfy beach chairs and when I got too hot I would go walk and take a swim into the ocean. I would have a tall glass of pink lemonade by my side all day.
I absolutely love going to the beach, I have only ever been 3 times and those 3 times I soaked up all the beach time I could.
The other two months I would love to travel and see new places.
I would love to travel to North Carolina or South Carolina!
Really anywhere that has a beach I would be more than happy with :)
I mean let's be honest you just can't beat this view (I'm sure you could but whatevs)
I could sit here alllllll day long with that view!!!!
Where would you go or do?


  1. My roommate/best friend is on the exact same page as you. :) I'm more of a mountains, big city person while she loves the beach and would literally build a shack and live in Destin if she could. However, the beach does sound pretty awesome right about now!

  2. We just got back from the beach & I wouldn't mind going back ;)

  3. Hey Shelby! I love the beach as well. I actually just got engaged 2 days ago on a beautiful hike up a mountain that overlooked the beach! I'm your newest follower :D


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