Sunday, September 8, 2013

Are you dating the right one?

Hello! I know, I’m not Shelby… but don’t be too bummed! I’ll try to keep y’all entertained! I’m Meghan and I blog over at BeautifullyInspired. I’m a newlywed (going on 461 days) married to the man of my dreams… Travis (aka Trav). We live a little north of Tennessee in this state called Kentucky, you know the one with the horses and and basketball? Yeah, that place. I love it here. We just bought our first house less than 4 months ago and are in the process of making it ours. Oh I should probably mention, we have two puppies that make their way on my blog very often.  

First of all, don’t y’all think Shelby and Matthew are the Cutest. Couple. Ever.?! High school sweethearts are a rarity. Here’s a shoutout to all of those crazies who knew he was “the one” in high school (aka my mom and dad and my brother and sister-in-law)!! You guys really amaze me. If I were to have married my high school boyfriend, I would be in some serious trouble. This was my junior year of high school:

Clearly I was not as mature as some people.

 It took me a lot of time to get things right in my relationships. Let’s just say that I had a lot of learning to do. Once I thought I had found the right guy, there was always something about him that I wanted to fix.
So, I managed to make all the mistakes. I dated the “bad boy” and the “momma’s boy” and the “depressed” boy. I couldn’t make the bad boy a good one. I couldn’t help the momma’s boy become more independent and I definitely couldn’t, with all my might, make the depressed boy happy. I found that I was giving so much, and getting nothing in return. Now, that can really wear a girl down. Through each relationship, I realized that I needed to find that boy that I didn’t need to fix.

And then, there was Trav.

I remember sitting on the front porch with Mom one evening thinking about how well Trav and I flow, everything’s easy, like we’re just so in sync. I looked at her and I said, “Mom, I couldn’t change one thing about Travis. Nothing about him irritates me. And he is truly happy.” She smiled. (He had already asked my parents for their blessing, I had no idea.) Because of all the heartbreak I had been through, I was cautious about everything when it came to Travis.

I realize now that I had really matured.

In the beginning of our relationship, we were best friends. We really talked and got to know each other for months before we actually became officially boyfriend/girlfriend. And even through that time, we still maintained our own identities. I really think that’s also important in a relationship. In the past, I would give up so much to try to make a relationship work. With Travis, I really didn’t have to give up anything. I maintained my friendships and spent quality time with my family, something I had failed miserably in before.

In the end, I will have to say that I am envious of people that are able to make it happen on the first try. To go back and not experience all of the heartbreak and pain would have been awesome. I know that the things that I experienced led me to Travis, but it was really, really hard at times.

If you feel like you’re in a relationship and he’s not the one, just take a step back and reflect. Is there something that you’re trying to change about him? Is there anything that really bothers you? Are you able to maintain your own identity? These are the things that I see NOW that I should have asked myself then.

If you haven’t yet been in a relationship yet, be thankful and patient. He will come one day when you’re both ready and mature. You are saving yourself a ton (I mean a TON) of heartbreak, pain, and insecurity.



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  1. LOL at the Barbie House, I think it's cute.

    It's nice too that you have the memory of sharing your solid feelings for your now-husband with your mom, when she already knew what was coming. :)

    Sneaky is good, if it's a good sneaky. :)

    Congrats on finding your Mr. Right.

    I'm linking today from Super Sunday Sync.

  2. Aw great post! I'm ready to get rid of all the damn heartbreaks!

  3. Beautiful post Meghan! And loved the positive note that you ended on for gals like me who are still single... such great encouragement!

    xoxo Miss ALK


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