Wednesday, September 4, 2013

blogtember -feels like home to me

I missed out on the blog every day in May so when I saw Jenni was doing one for September I was pretty excited! -Oops I wrote this yesterday but completely forgot to post it!
Day 1: Describe where or what you come from. The people, the places, and/or the factors that make you who you are.
I was born on September 11th (birthday is in 8 days!! Woo hoo!)
In Murfreesboro, Tennessee (this is the very middle of Tennessee, btw)
I came home from the hospital to the house I lived in for 20 and 1/2 years. This is the same house my parent built themselves. They lived with my grandparents after they got married for 6 months and used every paycheck to build their house. They worked hard and didn't have to worry about a house payment, pretty smart.
I was an only child for 4 and 1/2 until my little sister, Mady, came along and 11 years later my parents had Samantha and 15 months after they had Samantha they had Macy. Talk about space gap!
By this time my parents had added on to our house 2 times, hello bigger house and my own bedroom, ha!
Baby Shelbs
(sorry for the blury pictures!) 
Summer of 2010
sista sistas!
definitely missing my long hair!! :( 
I attended the same elementary school about 10 mins away from our house K-8th grade.
Most of my teachers are still there and my little sisters have had some of them, you could say they all know my family pretty well. I played basketball 6th-8th grade and they started a volleyball team my 8th grade year and I was on the first volleyball team.
I loved where I lived, out in the country about 20-30 mins outside of town. Murfreesboro has definitely grown and still is. There are 4 public high schools and 2 private. So it is by no means a small town but I love it there is seriously always something to do, rain or shine.
I absolutely LOVE our square, it is so cute and gets even better in the fall. Driving down Main St. in the fall is just like home to me.
After elementary school I was scared to death to attend our big ole high school so I begged my parents to enroll me in the local private school, I started there knowing only about 4 people and called my mom the first day crying and asked her to come pick me up early.
I didn't like not knowing anyone since I had grown up with having the same people around me all my life pretty much. After a rough semester I transferred to the local public high school and finished my high school career there. I loved my high school and remained close with my 3 best friends from elementary school. I met plenty of new people and I was involved in quite a few clubs on campus, FBLA, FCCLA, DECA, young republicans and a few others. We lived for pep rallies, getting out of class whenever we could and football games on Friday nights.
The year we won state!
Best. Game. Ever.

Football games were a big deal for us
as were pep rallies
The senior section
 Sarah's 18th birthday at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville
Talk about memory lane, miss these times and being with these girls everyday!
I started "talking" to Matthew the end of my junior year and we started dating early summer before my senior year :) 
You can read all about our story and see more pictures of us here!
I played softball for the county/city league for about 14 years and enjoyed every minute of it on the field with a lot of the same girls every year.
After I graduated from high school in May I started college the following fall. I commuted to a SMALL community college about 45 mins.
I lived at home for the first 2 years of college until this past summer, I moved out for the first time and I transferred to Tennessee Tech University. I have my very first apartment that I am sharing with two girls from our church.
The summer after I graduated high school I got a job at a daycare in town. I worked part time so I could go to school. I was the infant teacher and had 8 of the cutest little babies that you ever did see. I enjoyed my job and working with them and built strong relationships with parents. I was there for a little over a year when one of the parents from my classroom that worked at Bank of America said they were hiring. I knew it would be a great opportunity considering I was a business major at the time.
I started working for Bank of America in July of 2012.
After saving money like no other I moved and here we are today!!
I am about an hour away from home, not too far if I want or need to go home but a good distance for me to be able to grow and experience living on my own.
I changed my major to organizational leadership and I am excited to see what all that has to offer!
I am loving it so far and having a blast. I honestly believe good things some to those who work hard and wait!!


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