Friday, September 27, 2013

Sometimes love is..

Sometimes love is dancing in the kitchen together while making dinner.
Sometimes love is holding your tongue and swallowing that stinger of a comeback.
Sometimes love is smiling and swallowing something whole to not upset the other one.
Sometimes love is changing habits and making new ones.
Sometimes love is going on adventures.
Sometimes love is looking for lost phones, car keys, and missing ties.
Sometimes love is being dependent; sometimes love is being independent.
Sometimes love is a back scratching or a head rub.
Sometimes love is getting dressed up all fancy and going out on a date.
Sometimes love is sweatpants, an old t-shirt and a messy bun on top of your head watching movies on the couch together.
Sometimes love is a simple phone conversation while driving home from work.
Sometimes love is a long conversation going back and forth into until someone agrees to disagree or something is settled.
Sometimes love is watching the other one do their homework and read every single problem out loud as they work out the problem.
Sometimes love is not needing to say anything at all but just needing a hug.
Sometimes love is talking the other ones ear off even though they have to wake up early the next morning.
Sometimes love is falling asleep and setting an alarm at 12:00AM to tell the other one happy birthday first.
Sometimes love is waking up early when you don't have your first class until 11 to talk to the other one on their way to work.
Sometimes love is waiting on your girlfriends nail polish to dry for an hour before we can go somewhere so they don't get messed up. (love you long time, Matthew)
Sometimes love is already knowing when the other one is having a bad day just by the tone of their voice.
Sometimes love is long car rides and talking with each other the whole time.
Sometimes love is long car rides and blaring loud music and singing along together,
Sometime love is long car rides and not saying much but just holding hands.
Sometimes love is letting the other one know they did something wrong.
Sometimes love is fixing the others mistake and keeping quite about not to upset the other one.
Sometimes love is surprises.
Sometimes love is watching your girlfriend drain the meat she just cooked and accidently dumping the whole thing in the sink and laughing so she won't cry (sorry, Matthew!)
Sometimes love is building a fort in your living room and watching a movie and having pizza.
Sometimes love is talking long walks around campus at night.
Sometimes love is reminding the other one of upcoming important events.
and then sometimes love is the sweetest card with a hand written note in it just because. I like it when love is simple, comes easy and sprinkled with lovely dovey stuff, but this is only but one face of love. All is love and all is needed, each face of love requires all the other faces to be real.
Love takes work, but it's always - not sometimes - always, always - worth it.
We have been SO busy since school started, literally going nonstop and when we do have a little bit of free time we are planning something to do. October is almost here and that is ALWAYS a busy month for us and this year is no exception. So tonight we are turning off our phones. We have no where to be, no plans, no events to be at and I am more than thrilled to just finally relax. Cooking and watching movies with M sounds so good. 


  1. Such a sweet post!

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  2. Lovely post. Have a wonderful, relaxing evening!

  3. Beautiful post! So sweet!


  4. Love this! Isn't love great? It's often not easy, but always so worth it.

  5. This is such a sweet post! Real, true LOVE does take lots of work...but it's so worth it!


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