Thursday, September 19, 2013

DIY chevron jewelry board

Here lately I have been obsessed with necklaces.
I feel like it compliments most of my outfits and they are just too cute.
I have never really been a big jewelry person so I have never had any earring/necklace/bracelet, etc. holders so I was just hanging my necklaces on my drawer knobs.
Then that got annoying with having to untangle them and not being able to open the next drawer without the necklaces getting caught in another drawer.
I didn't want to buy a necklace holder when I knew I could make my own, even though
Hobby Lobby has some super cute ones but...
savin dollas make ya holla.
So I kept looking on Pinterest but I just didn't really like any on there. They were either too small or too big or just not what I wanted.
So after walking around Hobby Lobby one day I found some foam board and thought I could use that and make a CUTE necklace holder.
What you will need:
1.) Foam Board
 (I bought mine at Dollar Tree it's almost $7 at Hobby Lobby so get it at Dollar Tree if you can!!)
2.) Adhesive spray
(I bought mine at Hobby Lobby but can be found at Wal-Mart also)
3.) Fabric
4.) Drawer knobs or pushpins
4.) Scissors
5.) Gloves
(I HIGHLY recommend gloves for this because you will be spreading the fabric with your hands over the foam board to get all the air bubble out and the adhesive spray will come through the fabric and get ALL OVER YOUR HANDS)
Step 1:
Cut the foam board down to the size you want.

Step 2:
Measure the fabric for the foam board, you want to have enough fabric to where you can wrap it around the edges.
Step 3:
Spray the foam board with the adhesive spray. edges and all.
Step 4:
Smooth the fabric down quickly, the adhesive spray dries quick. Smooth out all the air bubbles.
You might have to lift the fabric up on the edges and spray a little more of the adhesive spray so that it sticks.
Step 5:
Flip the foam board over and spray ONLY the edges and smooth it all down, make sure you pull the fabric as tight as you can so it doesn't look bad on the front.

Step 6:
Take the knobs (or pushpins) you decided on and just push it through the fabric and foam board.
 It will not break the foam board and you do not need any type of tool to do this. Just twist it until it goes through both.

 These are the knobs I used, I found them at Hobby Lobby


  1. This is really cute! Are you going to cut the ends off the doorknobs so that you can hang it on the wall? xx

  2. Too cute! I love the idea of using decorative drawer knobs!

  3. Love this!! Maybe I'll make one for my dorm room :)

    - Alex @ Radiating Sunshine

  4. Okay... this is adorable!!! Such a great idea and I'm all about saving money!

    xo Morgan

  5. So cute! Love this idea :) I started putting mine on a clothes rack in my closet (obviously one not being used by clothes) lol

  6. such a good idea! i'm going to try this :)


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