Tuesday, September 3, 2013

DIY glitter candle

I found these on Pinterest and just knew I had to make these for my sisters big sweet sixteen surprise party back a few months ago.
Her theme was Madison & Co. Inspired from Tiffany & Co. so I chose blue glitter.
I bought simple white candles at Wal Mart but I bought the glitter at Hobby Lobby.
I wasn't sure how I was going to do it and Pinterest surpringsly didn't give a step by step tutorial.

So what you will need:
-Plain candle
-Paper plate
-Modge Podge
-Sponge brush
-Double sided tape
-Sticker or printout from computer
*I printed the numbers 1 & 6 out and used the double sided tape to tape it onto the candle.
Step 1: Tape paper or put sticker onto the candle where you do NOT want glitter to be.
Make sure you put it on the candle straight so it's not crocked because you can't change it.


Step: 2: Using a sponge brush paint the modge podge all on the candle on the sides (wherever there is modge podge is where the glitter is going so if you don't want glitter in certain spots don't put modge podge there!)
Step 3: Pour glitter out onto the paper plate, not the whole bottle just some to roll the candle in, depending on the size of your candle is the amount you will need to pour out.
Once you pour some out spread it around with your finger a little and then
lay the candle on it's side and roll it in the glitter.
Pick it up and roll the other side so that the whole thing is covered in glitter.
Work fast because you modge podge dries fast.

Step 4: Sit up right and just let it dry for about 30 mins without touching it.
(I would advise sitting in on a clean paper plate to dry)
Step 5: Take the candle outside and sit it on a flat surface (concrete, wood,etc) and spray the whole candle with laquer. This will hold the glitter in place so it doesn't all fall off every time you touch it or pick it up. I sprayed each candle about 4 times just to make sure it would all stay in place and it did!
Here they are at her party....

They were perfect centerpieces! 


  1. Thats so awesome! Why did I never think of that?! Damn you pinterest!! So cute deff want to try soon!

  2. These are adorable!! What a great theme


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