Wednesday, September 18, 2013

21st birthday celebrations!!

My birthday was last Tuesday and let me tell ya it was great!!
I absolutely love celebrating birthdays not just mine but everyone's, it is such a fun and exciting time.
Tuesday morning Matthew started out my birthday with a surprise...donuts!
We LOVE Big O's donuts here and it's a struggle not to go there everyday as I am passing by to go to work haha
and then Matthew couldn't wait any longer to give me my present so he made me close my eyes and hold out my hand and this is what I saw when I opened my eyes...
Matthew and I saw Luke Bryan a couple of years ago at the CMA fest and I have loved him every since.
Matthew brought me and my friend Sarah lunch during our break. We all ate outside because the weather was great and who doesn't love a birthday picnic?
My beautiful flowers from my parents!

After work 10 of us met at El Tap for my birthday dinner!
I hardly knew most of them last year at this time, if you would have told me a year ago that I'd be celebrating my 21st with 10 people I hardly knew yet I never would have believed it. I have only been in Cookeville for a few months but I am so thankful for this precious group of friends that made me feel so surrounded and celebrated that night.


whip cream up my nose, gettin wild y'all (just kidding)
After church that night we all went back to my apartment and I opened my gifts and my Olivia made my key lime pie, woo hoo!! (THANK YOU OLIVIA, I know you are reading this)
This was her first time making it and it was delicious and it looked perfect!
After everyone left I got my roommate to make a picture of Matthew and I with my tickets...
the struggle was real y'all.
The lighting was bad too...boooo bad apartment lightening.
AND then when I thought all the celebrating was over Matthew threw me a surprise birthday lunch Saturday!
I woke up Saturday and planned on going and getting my first pair of chacos, I had a coupon and got a student discount so I was pretty excited.

Matthew asked if I wanted to come over for lunch, he was grilling some chicken. Grilled chicken is my FAV. So I told him I would be over there after I got my new shoes, haha. I drove over to his apartment and saw my roommates car at his apartment.
So I go inside and everyone is sitting around and they all yelled surprise!
We had fresh salad, grilled chicken, baked potato, green beans and rolls...hands down my FAVORITE meal. Then brownies!
 Roomie picture
 THANK YOU Matthew for everything! This was by far one of the best birthdays I've had and you did so much to make it special and I appreciated it all.
Over all my 21st birthday was AMAZING!
I loved every minute celebrating with my friends!!


  1. Matthew is definitely a keeper!! I love that you had an amazing birthday, and just when you thought it was over, there was a surprise party!

    Can I have some donuts now? :)

  2. Aw, SO sweet. Happy belated birthday!

  3. You are cute, & Matthew is too sweet!! Glad you had a great birthday!!

  4. What a wonderful birthday!! How sweet of Matthew to do all of those things :) Have a great time at the concert - I bet it will be amazing!!!


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