Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Study basket

I mentioned the other day that Matthew is taking a very intense class this summer.
This is what his days are like:
 -Wakes up at 6:00 and start reviewing/studying
-Get to the library on campus when it opens (8:00 am)
-4 hour lecture
-1 hour lunch break (he takes a 15 min break sometime before lunch and another 15 min break sometime after lunch)
-Goes back to the library after lunch to review and start on problems he is assigned.
-4:00 he leaves the library (when it closes)
-Goes back to his apartment and continues working on problems that are due the next day
-Takes an hour for dinner
-Goes back to working on problems/studying
-8:30-9:00 pm he completes all his assigned work for the day
 panorama view of the study room he reserves everyday
By the time 9:00 rolls around he is exhausted and ready for bed so he isn't dragging the next morning at 6:00 am. I hate he is having to spend his last summer of college cooped up in the library studying all day but he knows and I know it will be definitely worth it for him in his career and future.
He sits for the first part of the CPA exam on EXACTLY 14 days!!!! He is already nervous but I KNOW he is going to pass with flying colors. Matthew is a really good test taker, I personally am a little jealous of that (I am horrible at taking tests).
I thought about making him a "study basket" last week, I made a list of possible things he would need/would like and went with it!
-A notebook
-Red pens
-Yellow highlighters
-His favorite gum
-Grape flavored drink mix (supposed to help boost energy)
-Cookie dough bites
-Fudge brownie bites
-Sticky notes
-Post it strips
I bought a small black canvas tote, $4 at Wal Mart to put his study treats in so he could actually use the tote after he empties it and it matches the maroon and black color scheme he has going on in his room!

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  1. What an awesome idea!!!
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