Monday, December 15, 2014

Graduation round two

Whew! What a weekend it was.
I took Friday off to spend the day with Matthew before graduation. It was so nice and I really enjoyed our day together. We had a small party for him last year but we decided this year to celebrate just the two of us. We went to one of our favorite local spots here in Cookeville, Char. We also had a fancy little giftcard. You spend $50 and get $25 off. It was so good to just sit down and eat together. We are always on the go and I feel like we never get to just slow down. Unfortunately it was too cold to eat outside but is this not the cutest little setup outside?? We have one more of those giftcards so I'm hoping to go back when it's warm enough to sit out here!
Matthew's older brother came in and we all played laser tag later
We got a sweet student discount, 3 games for $12. It was my first time to ever play laser tag so it took the first two games for me to get the hang of it lol
Saturday morning came very quickly. Graduation was at 10. My family was able to make it up here for this graduation!
Matthew was in the back right.

Matthew's twin brother also graduated!! He as an interview in Memphis in February for PT school!!

Johnson Hall is where all of his classes were and where he worked for awhile. 

Cookeville is small so we knew every restaurant would be very crowded and we had three families there. We decided to have a party back at the SOC house. We had pizza and cake!

The three grads!
It was a good day with lots of celebrating going on. Thank goodness it wasn't raining!! It was very cold though.
I am so so proud of Matthew. He has worked SO incredibly hard these past four and a half years and has done it all with unwavering persistence and a good attitude. I have said it before and I'll say it again, I am truly honored and humbled to stand by his side as he accomplishes all his goals. He starts work in early January! Y'all, I am dating the best lookin' masters grad that there ever was ;)

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  1. Congrats to him! It's great that y'all got to spend the day with your families.


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