Thursday, December 18, 2014

Apartment tour...Christmas edition

I don't think I have given a full apartment tour yet but I did snap some pictures of all my Christmas decorations that I wanted to share. It's not much since  1. I don't like spending full price on decorations (the best time to buy them is after the holiday and I forgot last year...) 2. Even if I had remembered, I have a one bedroom so it's not like I have tons of space...but I like that, so it's okay! I really only decorated my living room and some of kitchen.
Living room
You'll just have to excuse that workout machine, I didn't want to knock my tree over trying to move it out of the picture lol.
I found those cute small Christmas pillows in Targets dollar section last year!
One year I made an ornament wreath with cheap plastic ornaments from dollar tree but it got all bent out of shape when I packed it up and some of the ornaments broke so I took them off and just put them in a cute Christmas box my mom had left over as a centerpiece for my coffee.
My Christmas tree! It's kinda plain but it'll do! I wanted to make a bow to put at the top but just didn't ever get around to it.
I found these cute metal presents at Hobby Lobby on major sale and just couldn't pass them up!! I think they would look so darn cute in front of a fire place but for now under the tree works, too!
These blankets from Old Navy are the BEST. I got one last year when they went on sale for $5 and I found this one this year and loved it!! They are so soft and have the cutest Christmas designs. So I draped them over my couches to add a little more color in there. Those pillows don't match it at all lol
My mom had an extra frame laying around so I found a cute print and hung it up over one of my end-tables.

 My new placemats! I think I shared these pictures a couple of weeks ago but
I just love them!
I made this plate a couple of years ago and put it in place of my little chalkboard for Christmas time.

 My mom got me this adorable apron last year for Christmas, I think it makes a cute decoration when it's not being used...which is always. I'll take it home to use while we are cooking for Christmas dinner ;)

I hung up a few canvases I made a couple of years ago just to add a little more to my kitchen!
Outside my apartment
My dad made this ADORABLE sign to stick out there and I absolutely LOVE it! He did such a good job. I bought some cute poinsettias to set out there with it! That is my Christmas wreath I made last year. I was never a big fan of it but it was cheap to make so it worked. Some of the mesh was still smashed from being packed up. My mom made me a new one and it's MUCH better! I just forgot to take a new picture.

And that's it!! I love it!!!!
I feel like I haven't had my decorations up long at all and I don't want to take them down anytime soon, but I will probably take them down before I go home for Christmas so I don't have to worry about that when I get back.
I don't know if I have mentioned it before but I LOVE CHRISTMAS! 


  1. so cute!! Love the sign that your dad made! So sweet of him!!

  2. Your place looks amazing! But I have to say your toaster jumps out at me! Where did you get that?

  3. Everything is SO cute! I love it all :) You honestly make me miss apartment living-- yours is so cute and I loved the simplicity of my 1-br apartment I had before I got married. A house is just too much work sometimes ;)


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