Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December goals

Because I'm always late about posting my goals... ;)
November goals
- Start blogging more  I think I did pretty well until last week ;)
-Work on Christmas shopping  I have almost everything finished, just need to grab a couple of things online!
-Continue working hard on something that I have coming up! YES I can't wait to share with y'all what I have been up to!
-DOLLYWOOD  We went. We conquered. I didn't throw up ;) We had a lot of fun! You can read about it here
-SOC formal   Formal was a lot of fun. Getting dressed up, Christmas decorations, best friends and good food. Couldn't ask for a better night! You can read about it here!
-Enjoy the moment  We have been just going with the flow. We usually don't have plans we just hang out with friends each night at the SOC house. It's a joy to be with your best friends all the time.
December goals
Celebrate Matthew
It's graduation week...he graduates in FOUR days! He picked up his cap and gown a few weeks ago and it came with that pretty hood ;) He took his last final yesterday and has 2 more papers and then he is DONE (for this semester). He actually has to take one online class next semester but they are letting him walk in the December graduation since he is starting work next month. Which is great because his twin brother, Nathan, is graduating this Saturday as well. I am so glad they get to walk together one last time! We are going to dinner Friday night and maybe a movie, to celebrate just the two of us. Saturday after graduation we will celebrate with our families!
Completely finish Christmas shopping and wrap everything
I have a couple of things I need to order online and then I am completely finished! Now I just need to wrap everything. I found some wrapping paper and boxes that I bought last year that I had forgotten about...score!
Take pictures of my apartment decorated for Christmas and share
I blog a lot for myself, selfish? Maybe. but I want to be able to come back here and remember the small things that I blogged about. Even now I go back and look at some of my first posts and love it. I mean a lot has happened since I started blogging. I also blog for friends and family that don't live close. It's a great way to share what's going on. And we ALL know how much I love my little apartment so of course I want to share it with you, especially now that it's decorated for Christmas :)
I promised myself when I moved out of my old apartment that I wouldn't keep as much stuff and sale/donate throughout the year, so that when it comes time to move again I don't spend DAYS packing stuff that I don't even need. Well, I need to sale/donate some stuff now lol. I honestly don't know how I end up with all this stuff but it has got to go! I love my little one bedroom apartment but I can't wait to have more storage space one day. Seriously, I have extra dishes up under my bed because I don't have a lot of  cabinet space lol working with what I have!
Enjoy this time of the year
It's so easy to get caught up in the busy day to day activities with this time of the year but I want to slow down and enjoy it. Everyone is leaving throughout this week to go home for Christmas break and won't be back until the middle of January so that means all SOC activities are basically over after this week until we start getting ready for next semester. We already have the schedule for next semester planned and it's just as full as this semester. So I am wanting to really take advantage of some down time. Watch all the Christmas movies that we can, drive around and look at Christmas lights and just enjoy the last few weeks Matthew has here in Cookeville. We made a Cookeville bucket list at the beginning of this semester and we haven't been able to cross much of it off so maybe we can work on that lol.
Share what I have been working on
I shared last month that I have been working on something for awhile now and this month I get to share it with y'all! I am so excited I just can't stand it!!
Since it's so late to share monthly goals I have already read most of y'all's lol.
Happy Tuesday!
4 days until Matthew's graduation
16 days until Christmas Day
23 days until the New Year!


  1. So much fun ahead for you and Matthew this month. Your countdown at the end made me gasp! Are we really that close to Christmas??

  2. YAY for celebrating graduation! I graduated in December too right before the holidays and it was SO nice to enjoy the season knowing I was DONE! :)


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