Monday, November 24, 2014

SOC formal

I was able to get off at lunch on Friday so I would have time to get ready and not rush. So of course I celebrated with a large lemonade from Chick-fil-A. That stuff is INCREDIBLE. I could drink it for every meal
I curled my hair that morning before work just in case I wasn't able to get off early so all I had to do was touch it up and re-do my makeup. Matthew picked me up at my apartment and Ethan met us over there as well and we headed to the church to meet up with everyone else. We ended up having to drive separately since we had so many people going, but it worked out because all three of us were going to Murfreesboro after.
We stopped at Demos in Lebanon and had to wait a little bit so they could clear our a whole room for us. Demos chicken and rice delicious!! I ordered the fettuccine but next time I will be ordering the endless soup and salad for sure!
My handsome date :)
We headed to Opryland hotel after and made a huge group picture on the grand staircase and then we all split up and make our own pictures and got to walk around to see the lights.
some of the SOC guys

The lighting in there was terrible as always. We did have some made on a nice camera. These are all made from our phone. When I get the group picture and ones from the camera I will share!
The Christmas lights there are always so so pretty! And there are a ton of them!


  1. You look so pretty!! Love that dress on you!

  2. You look great! Love the color on you.

  3. Your dress is SO pretty- great choice! You and Matthew look red-carpet ready! ;) I love the Opryland hotel but have never been able to be there during full-blown Christmas fun!


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