Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thrifty Thursday

Every Thursday we do what we like to call Thrifty Thursday. I look forward to it all day while I'm at work and everyone else loves it, too!
Thrifty Thursday...
It's where a big group of us from the SOC get together and go shopping/looking/eating.
Our first stop is Essex.
If you don't have an Essex's it's a bargain store. They basically have everything there. A lot of there stuff is name brand just at a much cheaper price. They put dates on all their products and the longer it's there the cheaper it becomes ;)
Sometimes we find things at a great price and sometimes we just don't see a thing. I personally enjoy looking at their furniture and homegoods. They also have clothes! A few of the guys that go with us have found great items at great prices and then sold them on Ebay for their original price.
Our next stop is none other than Goodwill.
We usually don't stay there too long becuase it does have a pretty bad smell in there, but a few people have been able to find some pretty cool things! The Goodwill in Cookeville is pretty big and usually has a lot of furniture. I love looking at the furniture, it's where my desk came from! I also like looking at their antique plates and picture frames.
And sometimes we try on old dress over our clothes, becasue why not?!
Look at those sleeves ;)
Our last stop is Sam's Club.
If you don't have a Sam's Club in your area, then it's similar to Costco or BJ's, I believe. We don't go there to shop necessarily. We go there to EAT! Matthew and I can both eat there (with a drink) for around $8.00! We both get the pizza combo (2 pieces of pizza and a large drink) The only bad thing about their's awful for us! Not healthy AT ALL. We know that but once a week isn't too bad (right??) and who wants to miss out on thrifty Thursday and CHEAP food with some of their closest friends?! Not to mention that pizza is delicious. The people there actually recognize us now because we come in once a week lol. Sometimes, depending on the time, we walk around Sam's to see what they have...we usually just go to the furniture section and all the guys sit on the couches while us girls browse the store or we just try out all the furniture :) 
So that's what Thrifty Thursday is! We've had anywhere from 5-10 people go with us on Thursdays. It's a lot of fun. Today is our last one before Thanksgiving break and then after that we only have 2 left this semester. I'm hoping we do this next semester, too!

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  1. Can you go eat at Sam's Club without a membership?? I had no idea they served food at all lol!


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