Wednesday, November 5, 2014

$2 vs $65

Remember a couple of months ago when I told y'all I bought AdvoCare's Spark energy drink mix?
Well, I just finished it up a couple of weeks ago. Now, let me first say I bought the energy drink mix for the caffeine in it and that is all.
As embarrassing/ridiculous as it is I get caffeine headaches when I go without it for too long (as in a day, as in by 9:00 a.m.) I used to drink a coke every morning but I just wanted to break that nasty habit. It made me feel gross and was definitely not good for me. I don't drink coffee so that's not really an option. So when I heard about Spark I was super pumped about it. I was going to get my caffeine AND it was going to be good for me.

The only problem with it...the price.
I'm pretty sure this was my reaction when I saw the price for it
But silly me thought it was the answer to all my problems lol and I bought it.
I paid around $65 all together. I throughly enjoyed the taste of it. It took care of my caffeine headaches, but energy? I didn't feel this burst of energy after drinking it. Maybe it's because I wasn't working out after drinking it? After about the tenth day of drinking it I was tired of the flavor and had to force myself to drink the rest because I was not about to let that go to waste.
I was talking to my dad about it and he told me about this drink mix that he buys.
At Wal-Mart. For $2 AND it has caffeine in it.
I'm pretty sure this was my reaction when I saw the price for it
You better believe the next time we went grocery shopping I picked it up to try.
It works just as well! 10 packs for $2
I am SO glad my dad told me about it and that it actually works!
I was getting tired of the Spark fruit punch flavor and I was VERY hesistant about trying another flavor. If I didn't like the new flavor then I was just out $65. With the Wal-Mart brand "energy" drink mix I can pick up a couple of different flavors and if I just absolutely can't drink it then I'm out $2.
I am in no way at all trying to bash AdvoCare Spark drink. I have heard many great things about the company and their products. One of my really good friends drinks it before her workout everyday and loves it. It was just not fiscally responsible for me to continue purchasing it. And the reason why I wanted to share is because maybe you are in the same boat that I am. Maybe not, but it's still good to know your options!

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  1. Bummer you didn't like the drink! It's typically pretty awesome and works well for me :) Glad you found something else that works for you!!


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