Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekend recap: Sunsets and bridesmaid dress shopping

I had to go home this past Friday night to get my bridesmaid dress sized and ordered for my best friends wedding next fall. I love our hour drives to and from home with Matthew. We talk about anything and everything. And most of the time it's without any interruptions, we don't get cell service most of the way ;) We also get to enjoy theses views. I probably have about 50 pictures on my phone of sunsets, they just keep getting better and better!
Kathleen had a $20 off coupon for all of us to use on the bridesmaid dresses...score! After that we went to one of our favorite pizza places in town, Sir Pizza. Seriously the best and we ended up talking for so long we were the last ones there! It's always so good to just catch up with your best friends over good food ;)
Saturday was busy and I didn't stop until that night. I went to my sisters basketball practice for a little bit and then headed down to Nashville to pick up my contacts at my eye doctor. Then ran a few errands back in town. We were having girls and guys night with the SOC that night so we had to head back to Cookeville that afternoon.
Again with the sunsets...I just can't stop!!
The girls night theme was spa night and the guys were having a video game tournament.
It was a lot of fun and very relaxing for us girls! I picked up some face masks at the store and made a lip scrub. I cut up come cucumbers as well ;) we watched Safe Haven and had pizza.
The guys had a pretty intense night of basketball and football tournaments/playoffs I heard...
Sunday it rained ALL day long. A group of us went to lunch together after church and then after that I was out. I took a long nap and it was GREAT. The perfect weather for a Sunday nap after church. Seriously, those are my favorite. After church last night I cleaned my apartment some and washed my sheets. There is nothing better than climbing into bed with clean and warm sheets fresh out of the dryer. I was out like a baby last night!
There is talk of some snow showers today, it is very cold and windy. I am missing the fall weather. I feel like we went straight from summer to winter. I am hoping and praying for good weather this Friday! We are having our first ever SOC formal! I have been counting down the days for this! I got my dress a couple of weeks ago at a consignment dress shop back home! It was a great price AND they will buy it back for the same price! The lady told me they had just gotten the dress in that week, so I was pretty darn excited! I have never worn this color (with a formal type dress) and I have been trying to decide on makeup options that I want to do! I'm just working with what I have but of course Pinterest is helping ;)


  1. You can never have that many sunset pictures..I am guilty of that too! Getting in bed with clean sheets is the best feeling. Hope you are having a great day!

  2. Such a good weekend- I love good conversation with friends over food, too. There's really nothing better ;) And a spa night sounds so relaxing! With how cold it is today, I want to just run home and soak in a hot bath... I just might do that hehe! Can't wait to see your dress and makeup for the formal- I know you will look gorgeous!

  3. Pretty sunset pictures. With how chilly it is getting, snuggling up in bed after church for a nap sounds perfect.


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