Friday, November 21, 2014


Is finally here! I have been counting down the days until THIS Friday would get here!
I mentioned the other day about SOC formal, and it's tonight!! I am SO excited!
I was always a little disappointed that I only got to dress up for some formal event in high school once. Most of my friends went to multiple proms and multiple formals. I absolutely LOVED getting dressed up for prom my senior year and making pictures. When I found out we were having a formal this year I was super excited and was on the look out for a cute dress!
A couple of weeks ago I found my dress at a local consignment dress shop back home.
The price was GREAT for what I was getting AND they will buy it back for the same price. HOLLA!
We are leaving this afternoon and heading to dinner and then to Nashville. We are going to look at the lights at Opryland hotel and make pictures.
Have I mentioned how excited I am?
Dressing up and making pictures with my good lookin man and some of my closest friends?! Seriously, what more could a girl want?! ;)
I get off from work at 3:30 and we are leaving at 4:30 so I have asked to take off a little early, praying we are slow enough that I can!!
Make sure to follow along on my Instagram to see pictures tonight!

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