Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A U G U S T goals

Where did summer go, I feel like I was just getting finished up with finals or going to Holiday World with Matthew and now we have a little over two weeks before school starts.
Part of me is ready for summer to be over because that means Matthew will be finished with his summer internship and will be back in Cookeville with me!!!!!!!! 
and the other part of me wants it to stay summer and warm with no school work for about another month or two.
I am just so excited for Matthew to get up here with me, we have seriously dreamed and talked about this for the past THREE years and now we are so close!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just can't even deal right now.
With August beginning you know what that mean...
A U G U S T goals
but first let's see what I crossed off my
  July goal list
-Finish decorating and organizing apartment (it's a work in progress)
-Decorate the walls in my room!!!!
-Continue saving MULA $$$$ (not as much as I need to but still put a lot back into saivings!)
-July 4th projects (you can see them HERE)
-Make my own laundry detergent
-GET A NEW CAR (what what!!) (2013 NISSAN SENTRA...can I get a hollahoneybooboo?!!)
-Drink more water (I am seriously so proud of myself on this one, I have limited myself to 1 coke a day and the rest is water!!)
-Take yoga and a spin class at the Y in Cookeville (Spin class has stolen my heart, havent tried yoga yet)
-Blog more!!!!
-Find a place to ride my bike in Cookeville
-Try some new recipes
-Finish cleaning out my room back home
-Go on a couple of dates with Matthew

And now for my August Goals
-Get the classes I want
-Continue saving money
-Workout 4-5 times a week
-Go on a couple dates with Matthew
-Start couponing
-Get a schedule down and stick to it
-Decorate apartment and my room
-Blog more (keep your fingers crossed, y'all)
-Give up soft drinks (be prepared for monster Shelbs to come out)
-Decorate my new cubicle at work
-Read a new book
-Pay it forward
-Redo bathroom (new shower curtain & rugs!)
-Eat healthier 
-Help Matthew get moved back in to his apartment for the school year!! (WOO HOO!!!!)


  1. Love your goals!! If you give up soda, you'll feel a lot better!! Every once in a while I will slip & have one but overall I feel so much better! Can't give up my tea though, ha!

  2. Your newest follower on your blog and instagram! :) Can I just say, your July goal: "-GET A NEW CAR (what what!!) (2013 NISSAN SENTRA...can I get a hollahoneybooboo?!!)" totally made me laugh out loud. That is awesome! Your August goals looks great. Couponing is tough for me, probably because I have no desire to sit down every week and cut out coupons....I just need to tie myself to a chair every week and just do it. LOL! Good luck with your August goals. :)

  3. Giving up soft drinks is a REALLY smart idea! I try to drink water instead of anything else as much as I can.

    I should make a goal list too! Next month. :p

  4. Try Cane Creek Park for somewhere to ride your bicycle! I ran a 5k there once and the trail runs beside the lake. It was pretty! It's past Kohl's on Jackson :)!

  5. Such a great list of goals! I think it's awesome to have monthly goals I hope to start that! I'm loving the ones about couponing and eating healthier. I hope to do those too :)

    xo, gina

  6. Great goals! I need to start setting actual goals and then keep my self accountable too! =) Hope you have a great week!


    PS - found your sweet blog at the Monday Mingling hop. New follower via bloglovin!


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