Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May goals

Sorry for being a bad blogger lately, it's okay go on and put the big L on my forehead but it's finals week and I have been studying away.
It's only the 7th day into May so I can still post my May goals...right? Well I am going to anyway.

-Finish up with finals and papers for my LAST semester at Motlow (can I get a HOLLA?!)
-Celebrate 3 years with Matthew
-Find furniture for my apartment
-Clean out my car and wash it
-Organize my Pinterest boards
-Blog 5 or 6 times a week
-Land a job in good ole Cookeville
-Do at least 2 new DIY projects and blog about them
-Take vitamins every morning
-Buy a stranger a drink behind me at Starbucks
-Clean out closet, giveaway clothes & organize the rest
-Go on a date with Matthew
-Participate in a social media free weekend
-Go biking early in the mornings at least 3 times a week
-Continue saving MULA $$$$
-Enjoy the outdoors
-Have a themed date night in with Matthew
-Have more girls nights

What are your May goals?! Send me you links I would love to read them!!

April showers bring May flowers...and also allergies. Girlfriend over here has been hit HARD with allergies this season. I have missed work a couple of days because they have been so bad. My allergies are usually not that bad so my body is freaking the HECK OUT. The weather needs to make up it's mind and this rain needs to go somewhere else....youknowwhatimsayin?!!

This past Saturday I had to work (boooo...I know) and of course it was POURING. 
I woke up just fine and went to work well by time I got to work I had sneezed a total of 8 times and my eyes were already starting to swell (my mind was already saying "Today's gonna be GREEAAAT"). I knew I should have taken some allergy medicine but I was so tired I couldn't even think straight.
So I went on into work snot flying and watery eyes and everyone's first reaction was "daaaang girl you look bad" or "oh Shelby, this rain has you MESSED up" thanks guys, thanks.
 Thankfully I was working the drive through and not in my window having customers all up in my face for the next four hours.
My very first customer pulls up and has an easy transaction (thank goodness) and I have a sneezing attack.
I sneezed about 10 times and my eyes were watering even more by now and she looks up at me and says "well hunny are you sick?" and I respond "NO LADY MY EYES ARE THIS SWOLLEN AND I LOOK LIKE I AM DYING EVERYDAY" 
juuuuust kidding but that was exactly what was going through my stopped up mind. Allergies make me kinda cranky I guess.

Anyways I hope all you love muffins are having a wonderful week so far and if you are taking finals also then GOOD LUCK to you, we are almost finished for the summer! Wooo hooo!


  1. love your goals! can't wait to see the DIY projects you do :)

  2. new follower from the friend connect hop!

  3. Great goals! I hate when people ask me the most obvious, dumb questions! Ha!


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