Thursday, May 2, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Save the Last Dance

Since it is prom season I knew this would be perfect for the throwback link up today!
Growing up I was always afraid I was going to be that girl who didn't have a date to prom when all her friends did but thankfully I wasn't!!
Matthew is a year older than me so I got to ask him to prom, I searched and searched for days on a creative way to ask him. Finally I came up with this
Matthew wasn't there when we got there so with the help of my best friends we put up hundreds of glow in the dark stars all over his bonus room and his brother called him up there to help with something and this is what he saw...except I was holding the sign


 We had a flash flood warning. awesome.
Our theme that year was "Save the Last Dance"

mmmm...all mine ;)
Awkward prom pose. Had to do it.

One of my favorite pictures

My two best friends 

Our group
With Matthew's family and my family 
My high school always holds an after prom, I love that they do that and it was actually really fun it started at midnight and lasted until 6:00 a.m

There was a "casino" upstairs

The entrance

The decorations were great and there was so much to do

I had the best date and went with the best people. I loved prom.


  1. I'm obviously late to this, but this is so cute! I love that you asked him! You look so beautiful! I love your dress and your hair! Your school looks like it was a blast; an after prom party? Awesome!


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